State Of Decay 2 Traits In Open World Battle

The post-apocalyptic entertainment in State of Decay 2 traits of the open-world struggle for life against a zombie threat is just right.

It generates a lot of high-stakes situations that are interspersed with the quieter searching for supplies while constantly watching your back.

It’s a potent combo for a time, but eventually, even when your co-op entourage rolls deep, the combination of tedious tasks and inconvenient problems dulls the delight of stomping heads.

You can freely switch between randomly generated survivors in your post-apocalyptic town in a state of decay 2, much like in the previous version of the game.

However, you’ll frequently need to do so because they can only be pushed so far before their energy starts to run out. Or, even worse, you inadvertently caused someone’s death, stealing both their special qualities and any advanced skills they had.

It’s unfortunate that you can’t change their names or appearance at all because XCOM has taught us that it’s entertaining to tell friends and co-workers how you killed someone.

But the worry of losing something—you can’t reload from a previous save— gives a lot of weight to the conflict that takes place on one of three open-world rural levels as you loot the area to create a shelter and try to rid it of the Blood Plague.

State of decay 2 traits

Each survivor possesses a few states of decay 2 traits. They assess the survivor’s personality and provide a brief history of their lies before the outbreak.

Some traits are merely decorative text, while others can have favorable or unfavorable impacts on your survivors.

They may even modify the Core Skills of your survivors or bestow on them new Community or Quirk Skills.

Out of a total of 1400 qualities, each character starts out with one to four of them. When you have someone as a follower, they may also exhibit another quality about themselves.

They may be given a new trait if they use textbooks. 1380 of them are now listed on the page. Your survivor’s characteristics are essential for long-term survival in a State of decay 2 traits, both for the individual character and the group as a whole.

A survivor can significantly contribute to everyone’s overall survival if they possess the correct qualities. But the incorrect characteristics might as quickly bring about everyone’s demise.

Here is the top starting state of decay 2 all traits:-

Infectious Energy

State of Decay 2 traits

Players will discover very early on in the game that they require Influence for a variety of purposes. Using radio calls and purchasing outposts both use different amounts of influence. Earning Influence as soon as you can is crucial.

The following benefits accrue to survivors who possess the Infectious Energy trait:

  • Increased Influence by 15%
  • Accelerated Facility Action by 50%

Because of this, individuals who possess this feature can take a variety of actions and quickly gain Influence.

They also speed up the rate at which resources are produced by facilities. Gaining access to a survivor with this trait’s state of decay 2 early on can greatly speed up reaching the mid-game.

Blood Plague Survivor

Your top objective in a world overrun by flesh-eating mutants created by a highly contagious virus will be to do all it takes to prevent yourself and others from contracting the disease. A multitude of negative side effects brought on by the virus will only make the game harder for you.

Therefore, for the following advantage, Survivors should choose the Blood Plague Survivor traits state of decay 2:

  • Plague Infection: 100%

With this in place, you won’t ever need to be concerned about becoming sick or being surprised by a zombie that decided to bite you while you were picking herbs.

Keeps Hidden Pouches

The player will spend a lot of time scavenging for resources. Gas, medical supplies, and ammunition are among the resources that must be used in a careful balance while hoping to receive more in return. Fewer excursions will be necessary as the player brings back more.

Three crucial advantages are offered to the survivor who possesses the characteristic Keeps Hidden Pouches:

  • +10 Light Carrying Capacity
  • +10 Max Carrying Capacity
  • +1 Max Consumable Stack

When on a resource run, survivors who possess this attribute will profit greatly. It’s also useful to carry goods into battle on that consumable stack so that allies can stay alive while you’re on the run.


State of Decay 2 traits

It’s crucial to have a place to store everything because survivors tend to bring in extra supplies, especially those who possess the Keeps Hidden Pouches qualities. Every base has a finite amount of storage capacity, and exceeding that amount will cost resources.

See the following perks –

  • +5 Max Materials Storage
  • +5 Max Fuel Storage
  • +5 Max Ammo Storage

Only Red Talon Contractors possess this useful quality, making them the only survivors. They are expensive in terms of prestige points, but they will more than pay for themselves by making survival considerably simpler.

Survival Hunter

With only one bonus, the Survival Hunter State of decay 2 traits is straightforward but effective.

  • – 50% of Food Consumed Per Day

This is significant because it lessens the burden of producing enough food to feed everyone when these people just need to meet half of it.

Even better, this characteristic comes with the Game Hunting quirk, allowing the survivor to prepare meals for the party that will increase stats.

The hero benefit of hunting trips, which adds +1 food each day, is also included. The more survivors that possess this attribute you have the fewer food-related issues you will eventually encounter.


A world where safety is never assured and one mistake can endanger your life is shown in State of Decay 2.

Exploration is a significant aspect of the game, and you never know when your scavenging might attract the notice of a roving group of zombies that will head straight for your jugular. You should take all necessary precautions to protect yourself as a result.

These advantages of the Immortal State of decay 2 traits can aid in this.

  • Injury Severity: -40%
  • 45 Maximum Health

Your health and physical condition will benefit from this good buffer, which is helpful in both battle and exploration because it will lessen the negative effects of any damage you suffer.


State of Decay 2 traits

In the midst of the zombie apocalypse, there are several risks. Nobody wants a crippling injury that makes it difficult to survive. The survivors in the State of Decay 2 can sustain a variety of wounds that can impair them.

In order to achieve this, the Unbreakable feature grants its holder two advantages:

  • Injury Chance -100%;
  • +45 Max Health

These survivors are able to endure greater punishment without suffering any permanent wounds that might impair their performance.

This comes in especially handy while battling zombies like the Juggernaut or the Feral, who can be injured with only one effective swipe.

Diehard Veteran

In the battle against the living dead, the Diehard Veteran is a beast. A survivor who possesses this quality will gain a variety of advantages.

  • Injury Severity: -40%
  • +100 Resistance to Infection;
  • +10 Light Carrying Capacity

Their Heroism Fighting Skill is the best perk. The severity of injuries is further reduced, maximum health is increased, melee stamina cost is decreased, and other fighting strategies and bonuses are included.

This quality transforms the survivor into a warrior able to survive the majority of encounters without needing as much post-combat medication.


You’ll want to maintain your energy levels in addition to maintaining your health intact. If you lack the stamina to fend off all the foes that have an endless supply of energy to pursue and hunt you down, having full health and no rebuffs won’t help you much. You should always make sure you have the stamina to flee if required.

The following benefits are included in the indefatigable perk:

  • -30% Maximum Stamina;
  • -40% Fatigue Severity

As you struggle to survive, stamina is a crucial quality that you’ll want to keep up. Using this attribute will assist in creating a strong Stamina reserve that you may continue to expand, which you’ll need to defend yourself from attacks and complete critical activities.

Red Talon Operative

State of Decay 2 traits

In the game, Red Talon Contractors typically make the best survivors. And it’s easy to understand why given their distinctive characteristics.

They are frequently ferocious fighters who can endure hardship and endure over time. However, they also possess advantageous logistical characteristics like Red Talon Operative.

Three amazing benefits are available to survivors who possess the Red Talon Operative State of decay 2 traits:

  • – 100% Fatigue Severity
  • +60 Max Carrying Capacity
  • – 95% Durability Loss Per Strike

Weapons may carry a lot of weight, run for a very long period, and take much longer to shatter. This characteristic makes a survivor great for long, perilous journeys for supplies where fighting and running are required.

Eats Like a Bird

Those on the menu are squabbling over the few resources that are still available, despite the fact that the majority of State of Decay 2’s populace has switched to a Survivor-only diet.

You’ll take a lot of time searching around various areas in search of something beneficial. Food is one of the most important essentials there is, however it is becoming less accessible.

With the benefit of the Eats like a Bird feature, you can offset this:

  • 50% of Food Consumed Per Day

It’s important to eat regularly if you want to stay healthy, but there won’t always be food accessible when you need it.

Your time to find and conserve whatever food you have in your stockpile will be greatly increased by this attribute.

Officer Material

Due to two significant benefits, those who possess the Officer Material characteristic make excellent survivors.

  • Gain 50% more wits and six more morale

They may easily learn Wit-based skills because of the Wits experience they acquire. Tactics, a skill that combines Vigilance, Field Testing, Obsession, and Scavenging, is one in which they excel.

The morale gain is significant in offsetting a bad attribute like pessimism, which results in a morale penalty of -5.

In conclusion, Officer Material survivors are excellent field leaders who will aid a squad in remaining alive, avoiding danger, and returning with plunder.

Bright-Eyed Recruit/Patient Caretaker

State of Decay 2 traits

Since Bright-Eyed Recruit and Patient Caretaker state of decay 2 best traits are nearly identical attributes with no variation, they are included together. These characteristics result in one benefit for the survivor.

  • Morale +15

They are able to ignore qualities like Dolorous, which has a -3 to morale yet grants maximum Stamina bonuses as a hero, thanks to this.

It’s also a great attribute to have when the group contains undesirable individuals who may possess beneficial talents, such as a Quick to Despair someone who is an excellent fisherman. This feature is able to absorb the effects of such poison.

Bottom End

Do we hope that you will love this information along with this State of Decay 2: First Play through Complete? Try again with a different group of survivors to get a better sense of how crucial the appropriate characteristics and abilities are for your tribe.

Gamers who are persistent and willing to endure a few die rolls may unearth some characteristics that will transform their survivors from mere mortals into zombie-slaying machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is the survivor state of decay 2 best traits?

Your survivor’s characteristics are essential for long-term survival in the state of decay 2 best traits, both for the individual character and the group as a whole. A survivor can significantly contribute to everyone’s overall survival if they possess the correct qualities. But the incorrect characteristics might as quickly bring about everyone’s demise.

What are the effects of State of decay 2 traits?

Effects: Gained Influence by 15% and Facility Action Speed by 50%. In the state of decay 2 best traits, and influence serves as your primary medium of exchange and can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including the acquisition of goods and the construction of outposts. Furthermore, earning a sizable amount of this in the game takes a lot of time.

What is State of decay 2 traits multiplayer?

Build a lasting community in the multiplayer zombie survival game State of Decay 2 by cooperating with other players or playing by yourself to overcome obstacles while discovering your own distinctive tale in a world that keeps track of the decisions you make. Take the Coalition down!

What kind of game is the state of decay?

Action-adventure, survival horror, and stealth game State of Decay was created by Undead Labs and released by Microsoft Studios.

What is quartermaster in State of decay 2 traits?

This is why having a survivor with the “Quartermaster” feature is beneficial because they provide you an extra +5 storage spaces for building supplies, fuel, and ammunition right away. Red Talon Contractors, whom you must enlist with 2750 Prestige points, are also the only ones who can provide this State of decay 2 traits characteristic.

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