Tech Tips: 4 PDF Converters in 2021 for Window and Mac

When it comes to exchanging electronic documents and having a competent perception, PDF files are widely utilized. However, this format isn’t easy to modify or edit. There’s a need to convert PDF to Word. You will find a lot of PDF to Word conversion solutions to get all this problem solved. But, which of these converters are the best?

Why is it important to find a reliable PDF converter?

There are many available converter tools in the market or on the internet that users can try for free. But, they also have to consider and do some research if this tool will be great and will not add up to the problem in converting DOC to PDF, excel to pdf, pdf to Word, etc. People are looking for a solution.

We witnessed an increase in demand for related technical tools, computers since most people are working from home during the pandemic. Thus, having a reliable, simple, and efficient tool will surely make its way to solving the problems of those who need it, especially those that are not tech-savvy.

Choosing the right tool will also help people to save costs, as they will no longer need to hire professionals, and spending wisely during this pandemic is a must. We have to look for a tool that is not just free but will not sacrifice the quality of its output. 

How to use an online PDF converter?

Using PDF converters varies on the brand that you are using. But, one of the initial steps on using conversion tools for the doc to pdf is to upload it on the website. For example, in PDFBear, you may upload a file through drag and drop or simply attach it. It depends on the user’s preference.

Next is to wait for the tool to upload and scan it on the system; you have to apply the necessary options for the document to start with the conversion process. In just seconds or minutes on other tools, you will have a newly converted pdf file or depending on the actions you choose.

  1. PDFelement Pro for Mac

Almost everything that a PDF conversion platform should be is PDFelement Pro. Total control of Pdf documents is granted. Besides this, that is neither costly nor complicated, like all other picture or editing tools. To Mac users, PDFelement is really just the most excellent PDF to Word conversion tool. 

Users may use it to transform many file formats, such as Powerpoint, Excel, Document, etc., to Mac PDF files. Users can change a PDF file, add a background image, split it, or do a lot more too. 

The ideal PDF to word conversion tool also allows you to modify unprotected PDFs immediately and modify OCR files online. But you do need an additional update to use the OCR function. It really is a bit of a worry, but apart from that, it’s incredible what PDFelement Pro does have to offer.

  1. Smallpdf 

Transforms PDF files to formatted Word documents efficiently utilizing Smallpdf. The above online PDF conversion tool is OCR activated and enabled Powerpoint, Excel, or other files to save documents. In addition, it is accessible if you’re using its offline app, and you need to import it.

  1.  Adobe Acrobat DC

PDF was developed in 1990 by Adobe, and Microsoft developed Word. Both versions are still separate; the Word produced by Adobe Microsoft Acrobat DC is a useful tool on most any website for converting PDF to Microsoft docs. This PDF converter provides a variety of innovative features for PDF formatting but is very simple to use. 

The symbols are transparent; Adobe and instructions developed Adobe also gave PDF to make the tool quick. You can delete PDF files, modify documents, add text, save Pdf files to multiple files by using an outstanding PDF to Word conversion tool.

  1. ABBY FineReader 

We are utilizing ABBYY FineReader Pro to transform PDF files with precision. The Mac PDF to Word converter’s software is streamlined and straightforward. The home page is divided into three windows, one for converting current files, the other for the scan to bring in new file types, and the third for document comparison.

The section provides excellent features, so this makes it very easy to modify utilizing FineReader. However, there is a shortfall of PDF to Word conversion tools, and this is the functionality of full-text multi-file indexing. Unless you are fine with it, then ABBY is a fantastic editing app for OCR and PDF.


Regardless of the conversion tool that we use, as long as it meets our requirements and provides a solution to our PDF-related problems, then that is a great tool. Nowadays, people won’t need to scamper or dig down to look for a tool because everything is accessible and provided on the Internet. Plus, it is free to use too!

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