The 5 Things You Need To Know When Using PDFBear

A portable document format (PDF) is one of the best-preferred types of file formats for digital data and files. Businessmen and even students use PDF because it is much more convenient to use, whether you open it on your computer or smartphone. Plus, you can secure your files by putting a passcode on them.

However, since PDF files are tamper-proof, people cannot edit them. That is why you should definitely get a tool that will allow you to edit or modify your files anytime. In that matter, PDFBear must be a perfect choice. PDFBear is a free and reliable PDF software that has over twenty tools you can use for your PDF needs, including a PDF converter.

How To Use PDF To Word Converter?

If you wish to change your PDF file into a Word document, there should be no tools to rely on other than PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter. With this tool, you may convert PDF to Word online in a short period. The conversion process in four easy steps will only take you two minutes or less to finish. 

First and foremost, the tool requires the PDF file you need to convert by uploading it to their server. Simply click the “Select Files” tab, or use the “drag and drop” feature to upload files quicker. Once it’s uploaded, the tool will immediately scan the entire document to prepare the conversion process. 

After all the necessary scanning and extracting of the texts, you can click “Convert” and wait for a few seconds. When the tool shows you the end product, that means you can download the newly converted file and save it on your computer. 

It’s The Best Converter

What makes PDFBear the best choice as an online converter? Well, most professionals and even students use this tool since it’s free and convenient to use. With all the incredible features, PDFBear ensures to give its valued users the optimum service and support it could. 

With hundreds of its competitors, still, PDFBear remains to be a leading online converter. Not only can you convert files, but you can also split, merge, compress, delete pages, repair, encrypt, and decrypt anytime with PDFBear. 

Your Privacy Is A Top Priority

Like all PDF owners, PDFBear’s most concern is the file’s privacy and security. Above all, PDFBear protects your files from unwanted individuals. PDFBear prides itself on the most advanced security system called the 256-Bit Secure Socket Layer Encryption. 

This technology works to firmly secure the data and files that are in your document. On top of that, PDFBear also has a sixty-minute rule. A smart technology that maintains to monitor their server and deletes every single uploaded or downloaded file they found lingering around. That way, it is much easier to ensure that no other people can access exclusive files. 

Indeed, PDFBear efforts to secure you and your files so then you can leave the worry behind. 

Outstanding Cloud Conversion

Are you looking for software that you can use anytime and anywhere without worrying about your device’s space storage being compromised? Well, PDFBear is again the perfect solution to that. 

PDFBear has an available and outstanding cloud conversion technology, allowing any user to access PDF tools for free anytime and anywhere. You only have to prepare a functional device and an internet connection. With that, you won’t have to install any applications and software to access the tool. 

Using the cloud conversion, you will no longer worry about your space storage to be used by the tool. The conversion process will happen in the cloud, and files should also be saved on cloud storage. 

Multi-Platform & Cross-Browser Availability

PDFBear has never failed to satisfy the users and offer them convenience all the time! With PDFBear, using any device should not be a problem at all. PDFBear supports all operating systems, devices, and platforms. Whether you are using Windows, Linux, Android, or even iOS, you can easily access the website through an internet browser. 

You can use all internet browsers too, but Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are the most recommendable ones. 


Based on all the above-mentioned vital features and services of PDFBear, it is not a wonder that this software is hailed the best one among all others. PDFBear has the best PDF to Word converter, which is a free tool. 

Handling PDF files always come with various issues and troubles, such as converting files. With all the advanced devices we have today, the simple conversion should not be something to worry about, most especially if this is mainly a part of our job or studies. 

As such, editing PDF files every day will undoubtedly be effortless now with PDFBear! If you want to discover more tools, please visit their main site now and experience hassle-free document editing!

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