The Best Overall Power BI Course For You

Power BI has become the most powerful self-service business platform in the entire world, an ideal tool for use by experienced data professionals and beginners alike. Power BI has made it simple to connect hundreds of different data sources, design challenges and relational models through tools that could not be any more straightforward and intuitive. 

The software makes data more visually engaging and easier to understand, thus removing the need to have an intermediary translate the data. Power BI is able to take data from social media and provide insights into analytics in real-time, allowing for timely decisions to be made.

Many businesses make use of Power BI, meaning that Power BI professionals are very much in demand. 

Power BI also makes it easy for beautiful and interactive dashboards to be designed from scratch at zero cost. Of course, you will need to enrol in a Power BI training course in order to learn to use the tool properly, but which would be the best overall Power BI course for you?

What do Power BI courses teach?

Power BI courses usually come in a variety of modules covering different topics and skills, usually kicking off with an introduction to Power BI as well as the tools that are used within it. 

Power BI courses teach students how to query, pull in and reshape data and then have the results organised into data models with calculations and relationships. Students will also learn how to best visualise their data via a variety of maps, graphs and charts and how to keep them up to date while sharing them with others. 

There are a number of different courses for different positions in the worlds of business and IT, with course levels that go from basic to Advanced. 

Data Modelling

Data modelling courses deal with the new features included in Power BI as well as general data modelling. Data modelling courses teach optimisation of data models as well as DAX best practices, hands-on labs, calculated columns and measures and more. 

Intermediate data visualisation

These courses deal with the science behind data visualisation, best practices for dashboard design, report design and chart selection tips, and how to apply the organisational theme and branding. There is also teaching of advanced data visualisation techniques as well as Actions, Bookmarks, Buttons and Tooltips. 

Other topics covered by the best overall Power BI courses include advanced data wrangling, advanced DAX and data modelling, Power BI architecture, Power apps and Power automate and Power Bi finance reporting and analytics. 

Learning outcomes

The completion of a Power BI course will see learners able to build a professional-level business intelligence report from scratch, and have the skills to transform and blend raw data into attractive interactive dashboards. 

Learners will also have the skills to implement and design standard business intelligence tools used by professional analysts and data scientists. They will also be aware of the business intelligence workflow from beginning to end. 

The implementation of Power BI will transform the way your company views data and anyone who learns Power BI will have vital skills for their future career.  

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