The Most Popular Browser Games

Browser games are still very popular among many players. In order to play them, there is no need to have a powerful computer, as well as install games or additional programs on it, just like in casinos not registered with gamstop. The game is played directly in the browser itself, and all data and progress is stored directly on the game server. Some games help pass the time, and some games have become real bestsellers, which are regularly played by many players from all over the world.


Superhex — this is a simple, but incredibly exciting game. You control a point that continuously moves across a huge field divided into hexes. Some of the hexes on the field are painted in your game color, and a colored line stretches behind the point itself. As soon as you close the contour of the line with your field, the entire area inside the contour passes under your ownership. If you cross your own line, the game will end. And if you cross the opponent’s line, it will knock him off the field. The winner in the end is the one who managed to grab more territories for himself.


Another simple, but very sticky game. Players control bacteria floating in a Petri dish. Collecting colored circles scattered around the field, the bacteria increase in size, but lose a little in speed. Moreover, large bacteria can absorb smaller ones, which is what the whole dynamics of the game is tied to. However, it will not work to eat everyone in the standard mode — there is simply no such goal — but you can try to become the biggest bacterium and get into the top ten. With external unsightliness for you can spend a lot of pleasant and even meditative hours.

Let’s Fish

The game has a low entry threshold. Even if you have never held a real or even virtual fishing rod in your hands before, you will not have any difficulties. The controls are simple, the mechanics are clear from the first time, the training is detailed and detailed. You will spend the first few minutes in Let’s Fish with a dilapidated fishing rod and a rusty hook in your inventory. Catching fish after fish (the size and value of which depends solely on luck, as in uk betting sites not on gamstop), you will save money and buy professional equipment, getting closer to the status of an elite angler every day. Along with this, your skills will develop. By completing special tasks and getting talent points for it, you will pump up your skills, strength and various skills. They will be very useful to you when you start hunting for the most valuable species of fish.

Happy Wheels

It would seem that it could be easier than just getting to the finish line, when you are not hindered by a ticking timer and competitors are not running out of time. In Happy Wheels, you will quickly see that this is not the case. Several characters with their own, sometimes very strange, means of transportation like a small tractor, a gyro scooter and a wheelchair will fall under your control at once. You will have to bring these crippled racers to the finish line in spite of local physics and obstacles on the track. Get ready for the fact that in the process your wards will well, very much and quite funny to die.


Those who have played the classic snake will recognize the Slither game. Under your control will be a small snake, continuously crawling on the playing field, the direction of movement of which you can set. To win, you need to collect food scattered everywhere, constantly increasing in size. The game is multiplayer, so you will constantly meet other snakes. If you touch them with your head, you will lose. But the same is true for your rivals. Test your strength and try to become the biggest snake in this swamp.

Plume and the Forgotten Letter

Plume and the Forgotten Letter is a cute and funny adventure game about a seven-year-old girl Plume. She loves Christmas very much and especially the gifts that Santa Claus gives for this holiday. But here’s the bad luck, this time Plume did not manage to send a letter with her wishes to the good old man in time, so now she will have to deliver the message herself. This means that you will have to visit Santa’s workshop together with her and pass a series of arcade tests.


In Miniroyale2, this is a simple, but at the same time pleasant battle royale in the pixel-cube decorations that are fashionable today. He will definitely appeal to those who do not like long scraping between rounds — he landed on the map with 10 other players, ran to the nearest weapon and went ahead-to stuff his rivals with lead. Alternatively, there is a 5-on-5 team mode with capturing the opponent’s flag.


The formula of classic fast golf appears in it from a completely new side, thanks to unusual transitions and extremely inventive level design. You can’t lose here, but the game will count the number of throws for which you have passed this or that stage. As in the case of other titles, to play Wonderputt, you will have to install a flash player.

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