The Review Of iTop Data Recovery

Sometimes, data loss may happen at the most unexpected times. The lost or broken data is tough to recover without proper data backup. You can’t just recover it without using any proper tool.

Regular data backup is needed to prevent anything like this from happening. If the data is broken, you can always restore the backup data. But what if you didn’t do a data backup before? What to do to restore the file?

If you experience data loss problems, intentionally or not, don’t worry because you can always use one unique iTop Data Recovery tool. This tool is a data recovery software that you can use to restore lost data from storage media such as hard drives, SSDs, USB storage, or others.

How to Restore Lost Data With iTop Data Recovery

If you want to use this tool to recover your data, here’s what you need to do:

1. Download the iTop Data Recovery software, then do the installation process as you usually do.

2. Run the iTop Data Recovery tool, then on the welcome page, select the drive location and file type you want to scan to find the data you want to restore. After that, click the SCAN button.

3. Wait until the scanning process is complete. It usually takes a few minutes according to storage conditions and the amount of data lost.

4. After the scanning process is complete; you will be shown what data was previously lost. And then, select the files you want to recover. You can select all files (if needed) to recover or some from the list. If so, click the Recover button.

5. Then, the iTop Data Recovery tools will try to recover deleted files Windows 10. All you need is to wait until the process is finally completed.

Why Use iTop Data Recovery To Recover Data?

Very Fast Scanning and Recovery Process

The algorithm developed in the iTop Data Recovery tool has been made specifically so that the scanning and recovery process does not take much time. So, you don’t have to wait too long to complete the process.

Recover Many Types of Lost Data (Regardless of Cause)

Loss of data in storage can be caused by various reasons, such as formatted data, storage crashes, viruses, etc. You can easily use these tools to recover lost files for various reasons.

95% Success Rate

The success rate of this tool is claimed to reach 95%. That’s a pretty significant number for a crucial case.

100% Safe and Can Be Done Offline

These tools are guaranteed security and can be done without having to log in/register an account first. This tool runs offline on the local computer only, so it is not affected by the internet connection.


iTop Data Recovery, as the best data recovery software, is an excellent tool to recover lost data (caused by many factors). In addition, we can also use this data recovery software for free with the features it offers. 

If you are now confused about what tools to use to recover lost data, iTop Data Recovery can certainly be worth a try.

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