The Warframe Arca Plasmor Build

For a long time, the Arca Plasmor build has been a top-tier shotgun in Warframe. Despite their best efforts, Digital Extremes are unable to control this beast.

It unleashes unavoidable Radiation damage with a guaranteed Impact proc. It has a high-status potential, a massive impact that affects a variety of adversaries, and it will punch.

The shotgun is assigned to the Warframe best Arca Plasmor, yet the core weapon seems like its own species.

Shooting plasma beats instead of standard shotgun beds have numerous significant advantages over other shotguns: Getting status procs is a lot easier, and you don’t have to put it together for a 100 percent chance of success.

Overall, you may rely on the Warframe best Arca Plasmor Build’s core strength and use the high base damage and outstanding basic potential in combination with radiation damage and reasonable accuracy.

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Enjoy Large Weaponry –

The Warframe arca plasmor index build does massive radiation damage to your opponents as an unadulterated component shotgun.

The arca plasmor corpus build of this weapon is its slow rate of fire and large shots that can’t register as headshots, as well as its low basic chance.

As a result, this weapon appears out of nowhere and is a popular option among gamers that enjoy large weaponry. 

What Is The Best Way To Get Arca Plasmor?

After you’ve studied the Arca Plasmor blueprint, it’ll be available at the Corpus research lab in your clan Dojo. It may be acquired for 15,000 credits after that.

When you have the requisite resources, you can create the Arca Plasmor in your orbiter once it has been acquired.

The Finest Arca Plasmor Builds

As is usual, you must effort to rise around a weapon’s strength in order to upsurge the damage yield & just feel valuable through tasks. Here we have many arca plasmor build for the usual task and information.

Naturally, there are certain potential ideas to examine – for example, using Fatal Acceleration increases weapon range by 40% while still controlling injury falloff.

Keeping in mind that Vicious Spread can greatly reduce the precision of your bullets, use as much multi-shot as possible to mitigate these effects.

Furthermore, if you’re lucky (or find a vendor), you can purchase a Riven mod for the Arca Plasmor, which will significantly increase your damage output.

If you really appreciate the warframe arca plasmor index build, don’t be shy to donate some Platinum, because a good Riven mod is really solid.

Arca plasmor crit build is classed as a shotgun, yet the primary weapon seems like it belongs to a different species.

Instead, you may just depend on the Arca Plasmor’s core strength, combining strong base damage and a high critical chance with radiation damage and superb accuracy.

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Critical Build – (Build is quite important)

To increase the Arca Plasmor’s DPS, this build focuses on critical chance and critical damage. When used with Blunderbuss, Primed Ravage offers the weapon a significant increase in both critical metrics.

Arca plasmor crit build is hard to go wrong with, but putting this on the arca plasmor build improves its damage potential greatly by using its broad projectile.

Punch through Build & Status Chance –

By increasing the Arca Plasmor’s status chance to over 100%, this build guarantees that all of your loaded elemental mods inflict their effects on your adversaries with every shot, compounding their effects for maximum efficiency.

On lower ranks, getting all four of the 60/60 modifications is rather simple, allowing you to create and build up any precise mix of parts for any task, regardless of the adversary.

Punch through ensures that your shots strike every adversary in front of you before dissipating, and it also allows you to shoot at foes hidden behind cover by allowing your shots to pierce solid objects, making this build ammunition efficient.

The Arca Plasmor is a Corpus plasma shotgun that fires a broad projectile that causes radiation damage to your adversaries, confusing them and doing significant damage to robots.

The Arca Plasmor’s broad projectile has a natural body punch through and just inflicts impact status with no damage in addition to the radiation and its effects.

Radiation Build

Arca Plasmor Build

The Arca Plasmor Radiation Build focuses on increasing the natural aspect of Arca Plasmor radiation through the usage of electricity and heat modifications.

Due to the innate impact status of every shot, this build boosts this weapon’s effectiveness against its creators, the Corpus, by disturbing and confounding them and easily shattering their shield bubbles.

Because of their reliance on machines and robots, radiation works best against the Corpus group. Due to the susceptibility of robotics against radiation, this construct may transform those assault bots into shattered piles of metal once you fire your plasma bolts at them.

Hybrid Damage

With the Arca Plasmors base stats and the addition of two 60/60 elemental modifications with Blunderbuss and Ravage mods, the weapon can easily deal with most foes, especially at higher-grade missions.

This build does not require 90 percent modifications, which may be substituted with 60/60 mods. However, employing 90 percent mods increases total damage significantly, allowing you to inflict maximum damage on your adversaries.

In addition, employing corrosive and blast element combinations with this arrangement delivers three elements instead of merely two, because the weapon’s natural radiation element remains unchanged.

Advantages –

  • Projectiles have a 3-meter thickness.
  • Innate three-meter punches through bodies.
  • Extremely ammo-efficient.
  • Tied for second place with Prime, Wraith Strun, & Tenet Arca Plasmor.
  • A high amount of damage is dealt with each shot.
  • Tenet Arca Plasmor has the third-highest status chance.

Disadvantages –

  • From the 10m to 20m target distance, linear damage falls off from 100% to 33.33 percent.
  • The bullet moves at a certain speed.
  • A 30 meters range is limited (can be increased with Projectile Speed mods).
  • Multi-shot at a low level.
  • Bad attitude.
  • There is no additional damage to headshots.
  • When hitting with the projectile’s core component, innate punch-through does not apply to surfaces, necessitating punch-through modifications.
  • The fire rate is low.
  • The critical multiplier is below average.


  • The Plasmor excels in Arbitrations due to its high intrinsic punch-through, readily penetrating through protected adversaries to reach shield drones.
  • As long as no Arctic Eximus or Nullifier Crewmen are present, a few pulses are usually enough to take down opponent clusters quickly, and the extra Impact and Radiation procs will keep attackers away.
  • Surviving opponents will be “consumed by radiation,” which basically means that their bodies will disintegrate after they die.
  • While this is bad for a Nekros’ Desecrate, it is beneficial for stealth if quiet since no corpses would alert adversaries.
  • Headshots are fairly simple to tug off with this weapon.
  • Even though the detail is that it only has a 1x headshot multiplier, it may be boosted by using Primer Deadhead.


The best arca plasmor build is one of the well-made arms in the game, temporarily its key damage is not one great but it is previously a mixture of two elements.

Creation use of its extensive range & its overwhelming damage can diminish enemies into nonentity. It can be mudded for fronting diverse types of opponents which is countless excellence for a weapon.

Few weapons can compare to the damage that the Arca Plasmor can do, and adversaries that come alongside a person using this weapon will not last long in the thick of combat.

As for the weapon’s BFG-like motifs, Arca plasmor eidolon build users prefer it. This caters to gamers that want large firearms, enormous damage, and big missiles that completely destroy foes.

 It undoubtedly adds a degree of pleasure for those who like weapons blazing over stealth with little to no effort, which is the polar opposite of the game’s themes.

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Frequently Ask Questions:-

arca plasmor build

What is the Arca Plasmor good for?

Using its great range and deadly power, adversaries may be reduced to ashes… Few weapons can match the destruction that the best arca plasmor build can wreak, and adversaries that come up against a person wielding this weapon won’t stay long in combat.

Are Tenet Tetras good?

The Tenet Tetra is still one of the greatest Tenet weapons you may get from a Sister Lich, even after a nerf. This Corpus assault weapon has a lot more basic damage, critical stats, and a lot more status chance.

Where can I get Arca Plasmor’s blueprint?

The blueprint for the Arca Plasmor may be found in the dojo’s Energy Lab.

Can the Arca Plasmor headshot be?

With its broad wave projectiles and intrinsic punch-through, the Arca Plasmor was meant to strike several targets with a high-status probability, yet a single blast may result in numerous headshots.
It was never designed to function as a precise weapon because it was a shotgun, and the bonus pushed it too far out of that mold.

What element is Arca Plasmor?

The Arca Element beside the Verminous will be Gas. Gas does 50% rudimentary damage each second in a 3m range for 6sec, piling up to ten times for a total of 6m. 
The Arca Plasmor’s Element against the Infested will be Gas. Scattering Inferno is the Build’s Flex Slot, and it’s fantastic.

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