Things To Know About Amazon Hub Counter

Online shopping is widely popular, but it has grown in massive popularity during the global pandemic. As a result, multiple people are considering online retailers for their package delivery instead of visiting nearby stores.

Higher demands of standard mail delivery systems are noticed, which is why service providers are facing budget cuts, are overburdened, and many other issues. Therefore, in order to provide the highest quality services, the amazon hub counter is introduced.

With this, online shopping and delivery return become safe and easy to use. However, we all know that modern issues require modern solutions, which is why USPS is dealing with many challenges, as do other traditional delivery stores.

A specific place for customers is arranged to get their Amazon orders without considering alternative locations. Such a process helps Amazon to save money by streamlining logistics and makes shopping and deliveries easier for buyers.

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Role of hub counter amazon

The hub counter is denoted as the pickup location where delivering staff can scan and retrieve the packages from Amazon that is behind the counter.

It is intended to be located in banks, convenience stores, coffee shops, fitness centers, government agencies, general retail, etc.

Even though Amazon hub lockers appear to be as same as counters but there are specific differences between them. It is a self-service instead of involving staff in operating things.

For example, the Amazon delivery driver or the flex driver might drop off the packages in a corresponding locker. The customer will come over and pick up their order according to their convenience.

Primary advantages of using Hub Counter:

amazon hub counter

The amazon hub counter vs locker will let you know that these are convenient lockers available for different locations. You can get such lockers nearby that help customers to save time as they don’t need to adjust their schedule to grab their package.

You can go on a walk or fill up your gas while visiting nearby lockers to receive a package. It reduces the chaos and prevents the possibility of theft or stealing issues from your doorsteps. If you are someone that lives in a multi-unit apartment, then things can be complicated for you.

So it will be best to make perfect use of time and effort by considering hub counter or locker services. Customers have a 3-day for pickup window that offers plenty of time and flexibility, as you can receive your package before or after work.

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Hub Counter and Hub Locker eligibility: 

Multiple people don’t know that items shipped or returned to Amazon Hub locations are required to meet specific guidelines.

Hub Counter: 

The listed thing shows whether your order qualifies for delivery to Hub Counter or not.

  • The items are fulfilled or sold by
  • It shouldn’t contain the items that require special attention.
  • The order shouldn’t contain the items for “release-date delivery”.
  • It should be available for shipping within the first 24 hours of the order.
  • The order shouldn’t save and subscribe items.

Amazon Hub Locker: 

If the forthcoming point applies, then your order is eligible to get Amazon Hub Locker facilities:

  • Package weight should be less than 10 lbs.
  • All items should be sold or fulfilled by
  • The total value of the product should be less than $5,000.
  • The order should contain items that include shipping to other counters.
  • The order mustn’t have the items for specific release date delivery.

How do the Amazon Hub Counter works?

Considering the hub counter allows you to plan Amazon delivery accordingly. It functions similarly to other delivery facilities, but dynamic pick preferences are available for customers.

  • Customers are required to place orders via or Amazon’s mobile application.
  • Select pickup from the closest place possible, as the “product delivery” option is there for you.
  • Once the delivery is accomplished, buyers will get an email and a barcode or QR code.
  • You must show that code to staff working at the Hub counter at the selected location.
  • After that, the staff delivers the package, and customers are free to go.

Amazon Hub Counter Vs. Amazon Hub Locker:

amazon hub counter

By far, we all know that hub counters are different from Amazon hub lockers. They are located within physical stores. Such stores are operated by human assistances, whereas amazon offers self-service terminals. 

Customers can receive the delivery by using the given pickup code or Amazon’s application. Therefore, getting packages from Amazon might differ depending on your choice.

Hub Locker: 

The Amazon Hub lockers offer self-service, so customers don’t need any assistance or help from the employees.

These lockers are frequently seen in targeted places with heavy foot traffic, like grocery stores, universities, and transit stops. In order to get access to such a locker, customers are required to do the listed things.

  • Customers can select a locker while placing their order.
  • The Amazon drivers will bring their deliveries directly to the locker, where they will receive a notification via text or mail.
  • Such mail or text contains the pickup code that is used to receive orders.
  • You need to type your code into the machine to access your locker and get your items.

Hub Counter:

There’s a fact that every user must know that working inside a retail outlet is charged with Amazon hub counter responsibility.

Before handing over the packages, the person working at the store will perform scans or consider using the allotted barcode. It ensures safe delivery and eliminates the possibility of facing any issues.

Is using Amazon Hub Locker a great idea?

Customers love the easier and hassle-free shopping experience provided by Amazon authorities. The counters and lockers have made everything easier as a variety of facilities are provided to buyers.

The application is made to purchase things via phone without stressing themselves or adjusting their work schedules. Furthermore, using the application is safe as it helps you save time buying a few things and wants to avoid visiting nearby stores for shopping.

  • Don’t let the porch pirates on your property.
  • Give surprises or hide gifts from other family members.
  • Easier and more convenient system for returns.
  • One-day shipping options are available but for specific locations.
  • It is a great opportunity to express your support for local companies.
  • Packages will get delivered to your locker.
  • It is perfect for apartment buildings without a doorman.
  • No additional costs were incurred.

Where Find out Amazon Hub Lockers:

The best part about such lockers is that you don’t need to pay for anything extra to use them. In addition, if you own a prime account, you can continue getting free shipping in a couple of days, single or same day.

People living in apartments can get customized versions of their Amazon Hub Locker. It is the typical option for an off-site delivery facility. Amazon has set up the hub locker at the residential complex (if your building management permits it).

Locating a hub locker is simple, as you can learn about it while placing orders. Once you’ve reached the page where you pay for your order, Amazon might ask where you would like your package sent.

Prevent porch piracy now: 

Using such services as Hub Lockers is an excellent method of avoiding getting stolen delivery or parcel issues. Moreover, you can prime day discounts as well while shopping for tech on a prime day.

Uses of Amazon Hub lockers to return items:

The Amazon Hub makes returning items easier. When you want to return something to Amazon, you must drop off the eligible items at the counter or locker location. If you prefer, select the locker drop-off where the code comes along, as you might receive it via text or email.

You are required to enter on the display of the locker. If you select the counter drop-off, you will get the QR code that the store employee scans before collecting their package.

One main thing about Amazon Hub locker is the ease of returning items. The listed points can help you to understand how to start Amazon Hub.

How to begin using Amazon Hub?

amazon hub counter

If you reside in the U.S. and want to begin the Amazon Hub, then you are required to follow these steps:

  • Go to a specific page and then enter the area you want to pick up the deliveries.
  • When you got the perfect location or two, then you should press add to address book button.
  • After that, you need to visit the address book and click “add address”.
  • On the “add a new address page”, you must press an Amazon pickup location near you.
  • From there, you are required to select the nearby locker or the counter location to add the delivery addresses.

Amazon lovers need to know that Amazon Hub locker is available in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.

In order to find out the one around you then, you must find out the counter or locker location in the address book. Here you need to select the delivery address to finish placing orders.

The conclusion 

The Amazon hub counter and Amazon hub locker are two different things that offer ease of receiving orders. Customers don’t need to pay additional amounts of money to access such services instead they will get mentioned benefits and more.

Frequently asked questions

What do Amazon Hub counters do?

At the store, buyers are served with the barcode that they need to show to staff or a digital screen. With this, they can retrieve their package, and customers have around 14 days to collect their package.

What are the working ways of the Amazon Hub counter?

You can collect your package at the Amazon Hub once you have received the delivery notice. You will receive an email notification when the package is ready to collect. This email includes the specific shipment tracking ID along with different pickup barcodes. In addition, within such an email, you will get information about the opening time, address, and the selected location.

How long does Amazon hub keep your items?

If you cannot collect your package by the third day, authorities will take it back and give you a complete refund. In order to pick up the package, you must have the specific pickup code to go to the locker location and collect it.

Do you get money to host an Amazon counter?

We all need to know that there is no cash offered to the host of the Amazon hub locker. But they are served with additional foot traffic, exposure via, sales converse, and more. So it is far better than the cash compensation, which gives the host an important reason to opt for it.

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