Tips For Website Optimization

A website is not just created to be there but to serve its purpose of posting things like business ideas and the rest.

Websites are ranked according to its content and everybody else would be happy to see his or her site being ranked at the top. Even before creating a website, it is important to first identify the content you want to deliver to the site and the target audience.

It is not always an easy task for your website to be ranked as the best but it called for hard work. The quality of the content you deliver will determine the number of customers in your website.

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Here are some of the tips to consider for optimizing your website.

  1. Site Speed

The speed at which your website loads determines the position of your site in the search engine. The customers also like a website with a faster speed as it helps save the data bundles. For you to optimize your website then you must ensure it loads at a faster speed.

     2.The quality of your content

The quality of the content you deliver to your website is the key factor that determines the ranking of your website in Search Engine Optimization. It is what determines the number of customers that log in to your website.

No one gets impressed with poor quality services and therefore for your website to perform well on social media, you have to produce high quality content. You first need to identify your customer’s needs and expectations. After that then you can work towards delivering content that will satisfy them.


Every customer and everybody else likes services that they can trust. An authority website helps in building trust between them and their users and also the search engine and industry it operates in. This will help in retaining the customers who log in to your website as they will not have anything to doubt of.

A link from an authoritative website also builds confidence and is also valuable. It will make it hard for other website owners to steal your customers. The more authority a website you have, the higher the quality of the content you deliver and the more the customers you get.

     4.Properly Tagged Images

The manner in which you tag your images on your website will determine the rant of your website on SEO. Most of the website owners usually fail to remember to include alt attributes when uploading images on their website. It is a crucial thing because Google cannot see the images you upload but can only read the alt attribute text.

     5.Headlines and Permalinks

The headlines of the content in your website should not always be too long but should be of at most 55 characters. Considering this will ensure that they are completely visible in SERPS. You should also ensure that the headline is descriptive and attractive as possible. A good content of the headline will also make the customers who read it not to get bored reading your content. You should also avoid headlines that promise what the content does not deliver.


Getting comments on your website is very important and plays a big role on the performance of your website. You should always leave your comments system on all the time. Getting a lot of comments is important as it shows how concerned most of the people who visit your website are. It can engage you in a live dialogue with your customers.

Comments can also act as guidelines to help you know the progress of your website using the content you deliver. The user’s comments can help you know the areas where you are not doing well and need improvements. You are also able to know the change in preferences and expectations of your website users. Doing that will enable you to make the necessary changes and adjustments that will  fit the users’ needs . Also ensure you reply to their comments appropriately and quickly. Taking too long to reply to comments may make the users move to another website. 

    7.Social Media

Another way you can use to make your website visible is through social media marketing. This is a non- technical means you can apply if you are in need of increasing the visibility of your website. You should always be present in all social media platforms as these are the places you can find your audience.

Once you get different social media platforms then you should interact with people in a friendly manner. You should use the platform as a customer service channel and also try to entertain them to attract their attention.


Moving your website to the next level and making it be ranked among the best is not an easy task but requires a lot of plans and a lot of interactions with your customers. You should therefore consider the above factors to help you improve the visibility of your website.

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