TOP 10 Strong Yet Underrated Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact is a vast multiplayer role-playing game in an open environment with many actions. The game was first released in 2020 by game developer miHoYo, and it served as a launching pad for various streamers and YouTubers that year. You may play it on mobile phones, computers, and video game consoles. In June 2021, the game reached an all-time high of 11 million users.

If you are a big Genshin Impact fan, you probably know many things about the game. Like the different worlds, hidden secrets, mini-games, the best Genshin Impact artifacts, as well as the best characters to use. But do you know these underrated characters that you will probably get shocked by because it is more powerful than you think? Here are ten underrated Genshin Impact characters that you should think about employing.

  1. Lisa

Lisa is one of the free characters available to players at the beginning of the game. This Purple Witch, like other free-starting characters, is frequently overlooked. The main issue is that Lisa isn’t the most straightforward character to work with. When playing as Lisa, gamers must understand how to stack Conductive on foes. Not only that but they must also perfectly time her skills to deliver significant damage.

  1. Albedo

Albedo is a Geo character who receives very little attention, although being a five-star character. Some people say Albedo isn’t a fascinating character and that it can be a little boring at times, making it a less appealing alternative. But, putting that aside, Albedo is an excellent Geo to have on your squad.

  1. Amber

Like Lisa, Amber is one of the free characters at the game’s beginning. Despite that, she is one of the most underrated characters in Genshin Impact. Her skill and burst attack do very little damage, and her standard attack is poor.

However, gamers sometimes forget that Amber is a sniper, which means her playstyle is more complicated than the others. Her charging attacks do the majority of her damage.

Amber is particularly essential when gliding with the wing glider in the game because she is fantastic. Amber’s pyro vision allows her to maximize melt damage. The girl has the potential to shine with the right build and gameplay.

  1. Barbara

Despite her use in early games, Barbara was frequently benched in the late game since many players believed she could only heal. Another reason is that Barbara is a Hydro character, which means she can quickly become frozen if the players fight Cryo foes.

However, the players are unaware that Barbara’s wet system effectively removes various debuffs, including Pyro. Her healing abilities are also helpful in fields where energy restoration is required. 

  1. Xinyan

Xinyan is also one of the most underappreciated characters in the Genshin Impact series. Some players struggle to reap the benefits of Xinyan’s weapon, and the attack speed of a fighter wielding a claymore might be pretty slow.

She will become a shield character if she focuses on defense, while Xinyan will become a DPS if she focuses on physical items.

Building her with Pyro, on the other hand, is not advised. Xinyan is best played as a Physical DPS because her constellations improve her DPS powers. She can still support other physical characters even if the players don’t own her constellations.

  1. Beidou

What is underrated if we don’t talk about Beidou? Electro elements are weaker than other elements since they lack amplification reactions such as melting or evaporating. Because of this, players have frequently shied away from heroes who rely mainly on Electro.

Besides, on the other hand, is not reliant on elemental interactions to function. This character can be a viable primary DPS, and her ability is one of the game’s most unique.

Beidou can take a defensive stance thanks to her power. Beidou may be permitted to counterattack and deal enormous damage if she takes damage during this time.

  1. Noelle

Noelle is said to be an effortless character to obtain through Wish. You may get her with the Novice Wish banner, which costs only 8 Acquainted Fates for ten wishes. Despite this, Noelle, like other free characters, is frequently ignored.

They had no idea that Noelle was one of the top support players in the game. Noelle has the ability to both shield and heal, and she can potentially be a DPS if players achieve her ultimate constellation.

  1. The Traveler

In Genshin Impact, the Traveler is the player’s first five-star character. On the other hand, the Traveler appears to forget as new characters appear in each banner. However, players should remember that this character is strong because of its versatility.

They can exchange elements using The Sacred Statue, unlike any other character. Furthermore, players do not need to farm materials for weeks to advance this character because they may use the materials gained through the Adventure Rank award.

  1. Qiqi 

Who knows, this adorable little zombie might be unbeatable on the battlefield. The skill and burst of Qiqi may heal a large amount of HP. Even though Qiqi’s talent lacks an actual Cryo application and can not generate energy particles, players can use her as a sub-DPS.

If Qiqi’s build is upright, she can recover damage while healing her teammates. This minor character might be unbeatable on the battlefield thanks to her strong defense, the strongest in the game thus far.

  1. Kaeya

Last but not least, we have Kaeya on our list, who is a considerable asset for players. Kaeya, like Lisa and Amber, is a playable character. As a result, most players don’t give him the recognition he deserves, preferring to focus on the gacha characters, which is terrible.

Kaeya is a dependable and strong character. He can aid any character as well as serve as the primary DPS. Kaeya has the most incredible normal attack damage multiplier compared to the other sword-wielding characters. His Cryo element can also readily activate the Superconduct reaction, which deals with even particular physical harm.


Although these characters have a lot of potentials, their kits can be complicated. Players do not employ them enough to bring forth their absolute power, whether it’s many roles or unimpressive damage.

Being underrated doesn’t mean the character is weak, and it would be best to learn how to use that character and appreciate it properly. Hoping this article helps you to consider using the underrated characters above. Happy gaming!

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