Top 3 Memory Boosting Games for Students

You may not see it, but memory and concentration are not as easy as they may appear to you. So, in this article, we will share some of the key memory boosting games, which can help students remember and concentrate better. These apps will not only prove helpful for students but can also be a good aid for adults. 

The problem is our world today is full of distractions, that it is more challenging than ever for people to concentrate on even a single thing for a while.

This problem is further intensified because we have easy access to phones and other devices, which can add to the distractions. Moreover, you have to learn more than what’s in the textbooks when you are in school.

Also, for success in exams, your memory is tested at various levels. So, secure your assignment grades with reliable experts from online homework help platforms that offer services, such as math, English, science, or python homework help, and persistently make an effort to boost your memory and concentration.   

Now, the fact of the matter is what you can do to better your concentration? There is an array of games that you can play to boost your memory and concentration level. So, here, in this article, we will look at a few of these memory-boosting games for students. So, let us get started and address these games one by one. 


There is possibly no one who has not heard of Sudoku. It is a number placement game, which primarily depends or intensifies on your short-term memory. For solving a Sudoku puzzle, you have to follow trails of consequences and look further.

For instance, if you put a three in one box, you have to ensure that the number three does not end up anywhere in the entire row and column of where you have put that three. Hence, it is an incredible memory and concentration-boosting game. The game can be played on paper, on the mobile app, or there are ways to play Sudoku online.

There is always a game of Sudoku available in the newspaper. You can also buy a book that has a collection of different puzzles. App Store and Play Store, too, have an array of free apps where you can play Sudoku for free on the phone or tablet.

You can find the game in varying difficulty levels. If you are just starting, go from easy to the difficulty level. If you are playing the game on paper, use a pencil because you may not get it right on the first go. 

Since in your student life, you have to deal with several challenging assignments, and there are a lot of things that have to be memorized, every once in a while, you must take time to solve these puzzles.

Your good memory is going to prove beneficial in the long term. If your busy schedule makes it impossible for you to take measures to boost your memory, you can consider outsourcing your assignments or homework from reliable platforms online. You can type assignment help Australia on any popular search engine, and you will be flooded with options. 

Crossword Puzzles

Another one of the most challenging and brain training games is the Crossword Puzzle. Students can use this game to boost or test their vocabulary skills. There are also crossword puzzles that test your knowledge of science, culture, and history.

You can easily find an array of crossword puzzles online or look for an app on the Google Play Store or App Store. Alternatively, you can even go the traditional way and find some crossword puzzles in the newspaper or shop for a printed book on Crossword puzzles with multiple difficulty levels.   

Crossword solving is a brilliant cognitive exercise. You can use them to delay memory issues, such as Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia. The practice or the effort you put on boosting your memory should start from your student life and should go into your adult life.

Always try to attempt crossword puzzles, which are challenging, and trigger your brain. There are days when you have multiple assignments to do that it may be impossible to solve a puzzle, but remember you are not doing it for today or tomorrow.

It is an investment in your brain that will pay off in the long run. So, if there is a time crunch, seek assignment assistance from experts at EduWorldUSA, but do not compromise on this one hour of crossword solving. It is a brilliant activity to challenge your brain. 

Jigsaw Puzzles

Another brilliant type of game, which can engage and work on your short-term memory is Jigsaw puzzles. In this game, your mind has to concentrate and segregate different colors to build a picture.

Broadly speaking, the more the number of pieces in the puzzle, the greater effort your brain has to take, thereby pushing it to think harder than it typically does. Thus, solving one jigsaw puzzle a day can be a great activity to boost and amplify your concentration.

So, these are the three best memory-boosting games that students must play on a routine. In addition, there are also games like chess and cards, but they have a more detailed learning curve, so we have stuck to the basics. Have more game suggestions? Could you share with us in the comments below? 

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