TOP 5 Casinos Located In The Most Outlandish Places On The Planet

Gambling in modern times attracts the attention of a huge audience. Casino lovers are people of different age categories, with different views on life, and different incomes. Someone has been dreaming all their lives to find themselves in the heart of Las Vegas and hit the jackpot, some gambling fans prefer a cryptocurrency casino for Indian gamblers. Each gambling person has his preferences and aspirations. But if you are not just an amateur, but a true fan of thrills, you will undoubtedly be attracted and surprised by information about which outlandish places you can play roulette or try your luck at other gambling games.

Casinos in Antarctica

Bay of Hope in Antarctica. It is here that a unique casino is located, occupying a leading position in the list of exclusive gambling sites located in the most unusual places in our world. A research station ceded its territory for the creation of a casino. It turns out that polar explorers devote time not only to studying the features of the movement and structure of ice floes, they are also true fans of gambling and often visit the institution, making decent bets with real money.

Casino in Malaysia (Pahang Province) on top at Resorts Worlds Genting

In second place in the ranking of the most unusual casinos is a gambling establishment in Malaysia (Pahang province). The largest hotel in the world, Resorts Worlds Genting, provided its territory to create one of the best casinos in the world, and today this establishment is visited by a considerable number of travelers. The hotel is located on a hill (1800 meters) and offers its guests a wide range of services (shopping, restaurants, etc.). Hotel guests can also try their luck at the casino and place their bets legally without fear and problems with the law. It turns out that this casino is the only one in Malaysia where you can play openly and for real money.

Underground casino in Australia

The rocky Australian desert is one of the main advantages of the country. It is in the rocky caves that the Desert Cave Hotel is located, where travelers can not only stay for the night but also gamble in the casino, which opens its doors in the heart of the rocky desert.

Casino in the woods

It’s no secret that North Dakota attracts the attention of travelers with dense forests and an incredible number of interesting and unusual trees. For those who are connoisseurs of nature, and at the same time cannot imagine their life without gambling, the ideal solution would be to go to the unique hotel Prairie Knights Casino and Resort. Here you can not only enjoy the rich shades of foliage, the incredible aroma of unique trees but also make real bets in one of the most unusual casinos in the world.

Casino surrounded by African beasts

Every person probably associates Africa with animals. Wild lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants, and other inhabitants of the hot mainland are permanent residents of one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, Sun Sity. If you love the thrill, an excellent solution would be not only to watch wild animals but also to try your luck in the casino, which is located directly within the walls of the hotel.

Today, casino lovers can have a great time visiting online platforms. But still, every gambling person who strives for something new and interesting will be delighted with the emotions received while staying in any of the listed gambling establishments. 

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