Top 5 Movies With Memorable Bingo Scenes

Who doesn’t know the bingo game? The game has always been an integral part of the American entertainment culture. For example, there are dozens of bingo halls in Massachusetts where people come in groups to attend bingo events and contests. The same applies to neighboring states. Even in the UK, bingo is a big deal, and it used to be the go-to pastime of retired professionals and housewives before the advent of the Internet. 

The introduction of the Internet and mobile gaming has transformed bingo. The game is no longer called the grandmother’s game. Today, millennials are downloading bingo game apps in millions, and the mobile gaming makers aren’t disappointing new-age gamers. A virtual bingo game comes with twists and challenges while maintaining the traditional rules. For instance, the Internet doesn’t restrict gamers to only 75 ball bingo (US) and 90 ball bingo (UK). Instead, players can explore a wide range of bingo variants, such as 30 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, and even Slingo. 

If you are an avid bingo lover, you would also be interested in watching movies with iconic bingo scenes. These scenes will keep you close to the game while taking a break from participating and competing in bingo contests with friends or real-life online players. So read along to add these movies to your must-watch list.  

Rampage (2009)

Rampage is a 2009 action film starring Michael Pare, Brendan Fletcher, Lynda Boyd, and Shaun Sipos. The story revolves around an ordinary man who suddenly snaps and goes on a killing spree by arming himself with machine guns. 

There’s a scene in the movie where a well-armed man enters a bingo hall to intimidate people. But the players in this bingo hall don’t even notice the presence of a man in head-to-toe ballistic armor. Likewise, the players are oblivious to his big guns and threats. The man was hoping for aggression, but he was confronted with Zen-like focus and failed to draw any reaction from the people present in the bingo hall. Therefore, the man walks out of the bingo hall, feeling frustrated. 

The Babadook 

The Babadook is an Australian psychological horror film, and if you are not afraid of monsters hiding under your bed, the movie is a great watch. The bingo scene in the movie is one of the most underrated horror scenes ever. 

In the film, bingo is used unusually, and the scene shows a caregiver and Amelia Vaneck, a troubled widow, in a care home playing a bingo game to try and liven the atmosphere. Their attempt fails, giving a chilling look into the characters’ lives in the movie. The scene lays the foundation of the terrifying horrors to come. 

Jackass Parents: Bad Grandpa 

Bad Grandpa isn’t a movie for the faint of heart! The film has been highly criticized for being crass and not good. So, watch the film at your discretion. 

In the film, Bad Grandpa walks into a bingo hall and starts playing the game by sitting down at a table. During the game, he chats up with all the surrounding older women and men. Unfortunately, he also throws offensive lines out there while talking to them. Even though Bad Grandpa isn’t perfect, he entertains a few people present at the bingo hall while doing his antics. Some players even laugh at his comments. The scene is a rare combination of shock and bingo that works. 

Big Momma’s House 2

You will love the sequel if you’ve watched and enjoyed Big Momma’s House. The film series is one of the most unforgettable. It is a crime comedy film, and John Whitesell directed the second installment. The movie was a huge box office success and grossed $141.5 million. 

The movie stars Martin Lawrence, who retakes his role as Malcolm Turner, the FBI agent. Big Momma’s House 2 is different from the original version because it takes a family-friendly tone. For example, there’s a comic bingo scene in the film where Malcolm has to interpose, but two of her friends talk loudly during the bingo game. In the end, he decides to reunite with his wife and return home. 

Hotel Transylvania 

Why should humans have all the fun? Hotel Transylvania shows that even monsters like to have a good time and need a hobby to keep themselves engaged. When all the monsters in the film are playing bingo, they are eerily quiet. However, the silence breaks when Frank’s wife decides to shout out ‘Bingo,’ and as she yells, her marker and card are eaten within a second. It might make you sad at her loss, but the scene is quite funny as they are all monsters. 

Wrapping Up 

Bingo is found virtually in every film genre, from action films to psychological thrills to animated and comedic features. You can also find iconic bingo scenes in TV series, such as Friends and The Simpsons. Such is the popularity of the game, and it is a testament to the longevity of bingo. Moreover, it reveals how this game makes movie scenes come alive and become etched forever on the viewers’ minds. 

Now that you have watched enough bingo scenes, it is time to try your hand at the hand and win rewards. You can download online bingo games and participate in tournaments to enjoy the intense competition. All the best! 

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