Top 5 Tips to Write Winning SEO Resume


Being an excellent professional in your field is a great way to get a job – there’s no doubt in that. Still, the market is filled with other talented people as well and this means competition. Modern companies are swarmed by hundreds of applications every day and the majority of those are quite generic in nature. 

That’s why TOP rated resume writers 2021 are so popular. Today, people need to show their professionalism through a properly written application, which is also true to SEO specialists. This article will provide you with top 5 tips to write a winning SEO resume.

Tip 1: A resume summary would be great

A resume summary is an excellent way to trigger recruiters’ interest right from the start! It is basically a short paragraph with a brief statement. Its contents should be focused on information that is critical to a recruiter. For example, you can include your skills and experience. 

The goal of this summary thing is quite simple – to demonstrate the value that you can bring to a company. However, if you do not feel quite competent to write a summary, consider looking into the TOP rated resume writers 2021 list. You’ll likely find resume writers who will be able to help you out.

Tip 2: Provide examples from previous jobs

This is a no-brainer – a company looking for an SEO professional wants to see the results of your previous projects. That is why it is imperative to provide links to the projects that you are proud to showcase! 

However, bare in mind that your previous cases should be presented in manner that does not look as bragging. Recruiters don’t like this sort of behavior in the potential candidates.

Tip 3: Education matters

Any resume requires you to include education information. No one will hire a person without any educational background. So, keep that in mind. As for SEO, recruiters are looking for the relevant education and/or qualification. That’s why it is possible to omit things such as high school and prioritize highlighting any courses or other things relevant to SEO.

Usually, recruiters are looking for degrees such as marketing, advertising, public relations, and telecommunications. Keep this in mind when considering what information you think would be interesting for the recruiters out there.

Tip 4: SEO tools and plugins

When it comes to SEO, companies want to know about your experience with relevant tools and plugins. TOP rated resume writers always ask their clients about this part. The reason is simple – a recruiter wants to see whether a SEO writer is versed in the most popular and effective technologies that are being used in the industry. 

Tip 5: Show that you’re evolving

This final tip may sound obscure, but it’s actually quite simple. If you really want to land an interview with your SEO resume, consider adding certificates from different courses that you attended. This way, an HR manager will be able to see that you are constantly working on becoming a better professional. 

Final thoughts

Although the labor market is filled with professionals who compete with each other, there are lots of tricks to get noticed by the recruiters. This list of tips is an excellent little helper for any SEO professional who wants to create an outstanding resume. 

Getting your resume noticed is easy, especially if you properly highlight your skills, education, and previous experience. Ah, it’s also imperative to remember that small thing’s matter. For example, keeping your application letter professional comes not only through the display of different information but through proper grammar as well. Good luck!

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