Upgrading Your Off-Roading Rims  Tires? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Jeeps and trucks are practically made for off-roading. Many of these vehicles come off the assembly line with heavy-duty wheels, reinforced frames, and heightened suspensions. If you’re looking for a car you can take off the beaten path, a truck or a Jeep is the right choice, but there’s always room for improvement.

Customizations can allow you to upgrade your vehicle and make it the off-roading machine you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re ready to renovate your ride, one of the most effective changes you can make is swapping out your factory wheels for some brand-new rims and tires. Upgrading to 37 inch tires, for example, is a great way to boost off-road abilities while crafting a cool look.

Wheels & Tires

Upgrading your wheels and tires is great for achieving better performance, but the aesthetic impact shouldn’t be overlooked. Installing aftermarket tires is indeed a stylistic upgrade that can make your Jeep or truck look as smooth as it feels.

This is especially true when you pay close attention to the details — take lug nuts, for example. These small fasteners aren’t usually on the top of a driver’s list for customizations, but swapping out your factory fasteners for some black lugnuts can completely change the look of your wheels.

Of course, upgrading your actual wheels will have an even bigger impact. Adding bigger wheels to your car is attractive to many off-roading enthusiasts because it allows for greater clearance between the ground and the undercarriage of your vehicle.

More clearance means less likelihood of damage and a lowered risk of collision with obstacles. In some cases, bigger wheels may also provide your vehicle with better traction on the road, which is ideal for unpaved areas. All of these benefits make new wheels and tires a great investment for your off-roading truck or Jeep.


If you’ve already upgraded your wheels, or you want to focus your attention elsewhere, investing in new struts is a good idea. Struts are an integral part of your vehicle’s suspension system, and they work by providing support to its structure.

In turn, this stabilizes your vehicle as you turn and navigate, making it easier to control the steering and other functions. Upgrading struts can improve these elements and boost your car’s performance in an off-road environment. Some drivers report that new struts minimize their vehicle’s body roll and provide more precise control.

Options such as the King coilovers offer another way to upgrade part of your suspension for improved performance. These parts are designed to offer a direct fit while dissipating heat efficiently.

Their rust-resistant materials and impeccable durability make them ideal for the most rigorous off-road activities. In addition to these benefits, installing new coilover springs can provide better protection to your vehicle’s chassis and further prevent body roll when you’re navigating tight turns. You can also enjoy a greater degree of customization by taking advantage of the adjustable ground clearance that many coilover springs offer to truck and Jeep drivers.

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