A Guide On Valheim Core Wood And How To Get It

Valheim core wood is not a forgiving or simple game, and players will need to continually seek better materials in order to create greater goods, weapons, tools, Valhiem flax, and homes.

Players will need to start collecting the second tier, known as core wood after they have settled into the game and have gathered wood in the Meadows. This will allow you to create a slew of new recipes using the enhanced workbench.

Unfortunately, finding core wood necessitates a map exploration, which is a daunting idea. Players must seek out a biome known as the Black Forest, which is a terrible location to visit.

The biome can only be found by searching for it; however, it usually appears to the northeast of the first Valheim core wood spawn.

While killing Eikthyr isn’t required before entering the Black Forest, it is a decent indicator of how powerful players will need to be to feel at ease there.

Gray dwarves populate the region, and they are significantly more deadly than the Graylings found in the Meadows.

If players have spent a significant amount of time in Valheim core wood spawn but have yet to accomplish this, they can try slipping into the Black Forest without being seen.

Valheim core wood

When players enter the zone, a notification will show on the screen informing them of their Valheim core wood location. It’s a good idea to summon and destroy Eikthyr, Valheim’s first boss, before venturing too deep within.

Players who attempt it before attaining this achievement will be visited by Hugen, the helpful raven, who will advise them to take out the boss before continuing.

core wood Valheim is the second tier of wood found in Valheim, and it’s used to make more complex weapons and equipment.

How to get core wood Valheim?

Valheim core wood

Hugin, Odin’s raven, and your game’s guide advise you not to enter Back Forest until you’ve defeated Eikthyr, the game’s first boss.

You’ll need to travel to the Black Forest to get Core wood. This is Valheim’s second biome, and it has more strong adversaries such as Greydwarfs of different varieties, as well as skeletons with swords or bows and arrows.

Once you’ve arrived in a Black Forest, look for Pine trees. Not to be mistaken with the bigger Fir, these are the smaller trees. You can tell what kind of tree it is by approaching it and placing your mouse cursor on its trunk.

With a Stone axe, you can cut down pine trees, so get to work. Continue chopping the logs once the tree has fallen, and each one will break into a bundle of wood and Core wood.

Valheim Core wood: Excellent resource for creating superior structures

One of the many sorts of wood you’ll need in Valheim core wood. Even while other varieties are enough for basic shelters and weaponry, core wood Valheim will ultimately be required to live in this game’s wilderness.

They’re a necessary component for building log dwellings and crafting a variety of things. Let’s have a look at where you can acquire core wood Valheim.

Core wood is an excellent resource for bettering construction structures such as log cabins. Even though it is more durable than conventional wood, it cannot be used in places where regular wood is necessary.

You’ll be able to make additional products using Core wood, such as log beams. Once you’ve defeated Eikthyr, you can utilize core wood to construct weapons like Stag Breaker. In the third boss encounter against Bone Mass, the Stag Breaker is a key weapon.

How to Find Core Wood in Valheim?

Valheim core wood

In the Black Forest, you can harvest Core Wood from Fir and Pine trees. Hugin, Odin’s raven, and your game’s guide advise you not to enter Back Forest until you’ve defeated Eikthyr, the game’s first boss.

Look for towering Pine trees as you enter the Black Forest; they are taller than the other three kinds.

They’re nothing like the trees you cut down for your workbench and your first home. Even if you can cut down Pine trees with a stone axe, you should obtain Valheim core wood considerably faster with anything from a Flint axe to a Bronze axe.

How to Get Valheim Core Wood in Easy Steps –

Here’s how to obtain Core wood in Valheim:

  • To make it through the Black Forest, summon and slay Eikthyr.
  • Upgrade your weapons and gather enough healing choices if you’re going before killing the monster.
  • Look for pine trees, which are the tallest of the forest’s trees.
  • Get your Bronze, Flint, or Stone axes ready.
  • Approach the towering trees. As your crosshair is on the tree, make sure the name appears as a “Pine” tree.
  • Using the left mouse button, begin chopping down the tree.
  • Like other trees, the tree will fall like a log.
  • Continue to chop the logs into smaller pieces in order to gather the wood drips.
  • In addition to standard wood, you will now receive Core wood.
  • Continue cutting Pine and Fir trees until you get enough core.

That’s all there is to know about finding core wood in Valheim and how to obtain it. While you’re here, check out our Valheim core wood guide for additional Valheim hints and tips. For additional information, see our Valheim Wiki Guide, which includes cheats, boss battles, uncommon resource Valheim core wood location, and more.

Valheim Core Wood Uses

When you obtain Core Wood for the first time, you will be given the crafting blueprints for a variety of things that are crucial for subsequent events in the game.

In the hammer possibilities list, new construction and customization options will appear. The Stagbreaker is a two-handed hammer that impacts the ground and does AoE damage.

A bronze pickaxe and the Finewood bow require Valheim core wood as well.


  • Bronze pickaxe – This is the second pickaxe. Stone, Tin deposits, Copper deposits, and Muddy junk heaps may all be mined using it. Its primary assault is a ground-destroying melee strike. It isn’t equipped with a secondary attack.
  • Cultivator – A cultivator is an agricultural implement that is used to plow soil, plant seeds, and repair damaged surroundings.
  • Fine wood bow – The second bow is made of fine wood. Its primary assault is a barrage of arrows. The accuracy, damage, and velocity of the arrow improve as the strike is charged. It isn’t equipped with a secondary attack.
  • Iron pickaxe – The Iron pickaxe is the third pickaxe in the collection. Stone, Tin deposits, Copper deposits, Muddy junk heaps, Silver deposits, and Obsidian deposits may all be mined using it.
  • Stagbreaker – This is the world’s first two-handed club. It doesn’t have a secondary attack. The primary strike crashes into the ground (with a long swing delay), delivering damage and pushing everything back in a 4-meter circular area of impact.

Wrapping up

In Valheim, that’s all there is to know about Core Wood. Here on Gfinity, there are lots more Valheim core wood instructions to be found.

If you’re not sure which weapon to use, check out our top Iron weapons guide. We also take a look at how to make the Abyssal Harpoon, which you can use to propel your pals into the skies.

Pine trees must be cut down to obtain Core Wood in Valheim. These are mostly found in the ecosystem of the Black Forest. Simply seek dark-wooded trees with triangular green leaves.

You may also develop core wood Valheim in a Cultivator by cultivating pine cones. This is the quickest and most convenient method.

If players are having trouble finding the Black Forest in their own game world, they may need to build a raft and traverse rivers and lakes to get there.

Because all players have randomly produced seeds that determine the shape of their worlds, finding core wood and the Black Forest may require some investigation.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

valheim core wood

In Valheim, where can I purchase core wood?

Pine trees must be cut down to obtain core wood Valheim spawn. These are mostly found in the ecosystem of the Black Forest.
Simply seek dark-wooded trees with triangular green leaves. You may also develop core wood Valheim in a Cultivator by cultivating pine cones.

Is it possible to burn core wood in Valheim?

Core Wood is a rare sort of wood that may be discovered in Valheim. It’s generally used for making charcoal, although it’s also utilized for some crafts.
While core wood Valheim is harder to come by than ordinary wood, it is far less beneficial.

In Valheim, where can you get beautiful wood?

In Valheim, you’ll need to cut down birch and oak trees to acquire Fine Wood. These can only be smashed with a bronze axe, which you may read more about in our introduction to Valheim core wood Bronze.
Simply cut down any oak or birch trees you come across after you have the bronze axe.

Where can I get Valheim tin?

Tin Ore deposits may be found on the shores of the Black Forest, one of the primary biomes that cover the Valheim core wood map. Tin Ore is found in little rocks with silvery veins running through them, unlike Copper deposits.

Which trees provide Valheim with good wood?

Fine core wood Valheim spawn is a crafting resource gained from felling Birch and Oak trees, which may be found in the Meadows and Plains biomes, respectively. A Bronze Axe or above is required before you may begin felling Birch and Oak trees.

Is Valheim resurrected from scrap iron?

Deposits of metal do not reappear. Muddy scrap heaps are presently the only metal resource in the game that does not guarantee things when mined. Scrap iron, like all other metals, cannot be transported.

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