How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously On Chrome

How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously On Chrome

Instagram is a fun social media platform where you can post stories, photos, videos, boomerangs, etc. But sometimes we wonder if there’s a way to View Instagram stories anonymously on chrome. 

Well, the answer is yes, you can view someone’s story without getting caught. We all know that Instagram is filled with multiple tips and tricks that make it more interesting.

However, developers of Instagram don’t show these features openly this is what tricks are made for.

Usually when you see someone’s story then you are counted as their viewer and an account holder can see you stalking them.

But if you want to be super secretive and watch what’s going on in their life without getting caught then we are here for you.

In this guide, we will unravel certain informative and easier ways to get the tea of other people’s lives and never let them know you are keeping an eye on them.

Let’s head towards the forthcoming points to know more.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously on chrome?

When an account holder posts a story and you watch it then Instagram sends an engagement report.

Here you will get counted as their viewer but sometimes we don’t want that to happen. There is a number of reasons we can predict to be more secretive.

Here’s How to view Instagram stories anonymously:

The chrome extensions: 

If you want to view a friend’s story without letting them catch you red-handed then use chrome extensions.

There is an impressive range of extensions to choose from. These are highly reliable as you can prefer the free and open-source video story viewing tool. It is specially made for Google chrome.

You don’t need to be afraid about getting counted as a viewer or getting your face listed in Instagram engagement.

The chrome extensions are different tools that can automatically hide you from a story and let you get the gossip for free.

Such extensions work like magic as they refresh the page and bingo! There’s no record of whether you’ve seen someone’s story or not.

The best thing is users have complete access to these extensions as they can easily enable and disable them without any hassle.

Via web:

There are numerous chrome extensions available but you must prefer “chrome IG story”. It offers easier and simple access where you need to log in to the web version of Instagram.

After that, the extension will enable you to view the story without letting account holders know about your activity.

Airplane mode: 

When you open Instagram and watch the story icon then wait for a few seconds for it to load. After that switch your android or iOS device to airplane mode and watch the story without letting them notice you.

Now, you can turn off airplane mode and rewatch the story if you want to get attention.

View Instagram stories without leaving a trace

You can view Instagram stories anonymously on chrome without leaving a trace. In order to reach the admired goals you need to prefer the outlined methods in the points listed below.

As a result, you are capable of viewing the stories of others without using your original account.

This eliminates the possibility of getting attention and you will remain an anonymous user:

Slide and view:

Instead of normally pressing the story icon go for click on another account story that is present next to it.

There’s a fact we all must know that Instagram runs numerous stories back to back. It shows you can slightly hold and swipe to view the first frame available to the account you want to watch.

After that, click on it and watch the story. But it is the least effective method as most of us are unable to use it.

On top of that, such a method isn’t letting you view all the middle frames from the same account. It shows that you can miss a lot of things while rushing toward the next story icons.

The third-party tools: 

How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously On Chrome

The Internet allows us to get access to multiple tools regarding different things. Here we can also get the tools that help us to watch Instagram stories without getting counted as viewers.

On top of that, most of these tools are readily available for free. With this, people can save money and keep an eye on everything they want. Here’s a list of third-party tools that you can use:

  • IgAgony
  • Insta Stories Viewer
  • InstaNavigation

The best thing is there’s an endless range of third-party tools that allows you to download IG stories as well. But to do that must ensure that the account you are considering is a public account.

After that, you will be able to get benefits from the tools. It helps you to collect the data as some users prefer deleting stories after a specific duration.

But thanks to these tools allow you to get free access and the capability to download them without any hassle.

An anonymous account:

Perhaps the best and easier way to View Instagram stories anonymously on chrome is to create a fake account.

We all know that there are millions of active users with fake accounts so that they can watch their loved ones.

Unfortunately, creators of Instagram offer a feature to hide the story from anyone you want. But that is not the end of the world as you can prefer using a fake account.

Anonymous or fake Instagram accounts allow you to watch stories, posts, and other content.

The account holder can never know it was you unless you create a fake account with your original number.

Instagram sends a notification to the people in your contact list that you’ve created an account with their respective names.

So try to avoid creating an IG account with a number if you aren’t willing to keep it for the long run.

Wrap up

Never create a fake Instagram account with the original number and feel free to use the chrome extensions.

The listed aspects are helping you to find easier and more manageable ways to view IG stories without getting caught.

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