What Are Google Ranking Factors And How Do They Help

Whether a person is looking for a dress or wants to learn about the latest economic trends, the first place where they’ll seek the information is Google. In fact, in a global digital overview, it was revealed that there are approximately 4.39 billion internet users. Among these, around 4 billion people use Google for their search. Perhaps, you have also discovered this particular article through Google. Isn’t it right? 

What’s even more interesting is that nearly 95% of the users get their answers from the first page of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). That’s why ranking higher on the SERPs has become crucial for the new business. 

But, how can you rank higher on search engines? What are its ranking factors? And how do these factors help? These are a few questions that need to be answered before a brand works over its SEO strategies. 

So, let’s get some insights about the same! 

What Are Ranking Factors?

As you might already know, search engine optimization is the process that helps in optimizing websites to rank higher in “organic” search results. Here, organic refers to the search results obtained with consistent efforts and are unpaid. 

Basically, Google’s organic results are generated by an algorithm. The algorithm analyzes various SEO metrics, better known as ranking factors. 

According to the professionals at a white label link building company, these factors change with the algorithm change. Still, quality, trustworthiness, and performance remain the primary attributes that the search engine focuses on.

What Are The Top Ranking Factors For Google?

The following are the top ranking factors of search engines that you should consider when creating SEO strategies. 

  • Backlinks

Search engine crawlers navigate from one page to another using hyperlink. A backlink is one type of hyperlink that helps crawlers discover your site through another site. The more quality backlinks your website will get; the higher are its chances of ranking. That’s why many companies include link building in their SEO strategy. It allows them to improve search ranking using blogger outreach.

  • Mobile Optimization

According to statistics, mobile phones account for nearly 56% of the total internet search. Whether someone wants to purchase a book or needs to find a doctor near them, they will reach out to their smartphone to search for it. In such a scenario, not having a mobile-friendly website can affect your ranking. 

As a matter of fact, Google’s mobile-first indexing was finalized in march 2021. According to this, if you have a distinct mobile website, it will be indexed and utilized for ranking instead of the desktop version. 

  • Image Alt-Text

Every picture on your website has alt-text, also known as an alt-tag. It allows visually challenged readers to navigate the internet with the help of screen readers. In simple terms, if the image doesn’t load, the alt-text will be shown instead. It assists search engines with interpreting the image and properly indexing it.

To Sum Up

These are some top-ranking factors that can help improve your website’s visibility. In this digital era, ranking higher on the search engine results is very important; it will help attract a target audience and flourish your business. So, make sure to use them. 

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