What are the intellectual benefits of playing blackjack

Spela casino is not just about spinning money, as seen on television, but above all it is a very intensive exercise for the mind. Of course not all of them, as there are hardly any intellectually demanding aspects of playing the undoubted casino hits such as slot machines, but card games such as poker or blackjack, for example, can really challenge the player’s mind. In today’s article we will take a closer look at the latter game, blackjack.

What is blackjack, anyway?

Blackjack, along with poker, is one of the two most popular card games of a gambling nature, which is why it’s offered by practically every online casino on the market. This popularity is well deserved, as blackjack has a number of specific features which attract a lot of players to this game.

For example, a glance at any blackjack handbook will show you just how advanced its theoretical aspects are. It’s a game perfectly suited for players who like a thorough analysis of every move. Under the appearance of simplicity (and let’s face it, the rules of Blackjack are really quite simple) there are extremely sophisticated possibilities for creating strategies and specific ways of making decisions.

For example, players can continuously estimate their chances and probabilities of drawing a card of an interesting value. Many books have been written about blackjack and a lot of sophisticated analytical, statistical and probabilistic theories have been developed using really advanced mathematical tools.

Overview of Blackjack Basics

One of the most important features of the game is that unlike poker the player doesn’t compete with other players, the whole game is always between the player and the dealer. The game uses one or more packs of cards (containing 52 cards, no jokers). Individual cards have a point value attached to them, each figure and ten is worth 10 points, lower cards are scored according to their value (e.g. 5 is five points, 9 is nine, etc.). The only exception to this rule is Aces, which can be worth 11 or 1, depending on which option is more advantageous to the player. In this game, however, the colours of the cards are completely ignored.

The game itself is played by trying to get more points than the dealer, with the limit being 21. If a player has 21 points in his cards, he wins the hand immediately, regardless of the dealer’s points. If the hand exceeds 21, the player loses immediately. If the score is below 21 points, the player’s and dealer’s cards are compared and the player with the higher score wins.

Obviously this is only a simplified description of the rules of the game, but sufficient for the purpose of this article. It should be mentioned, however, the multitude of strategies developed for blackjack using various mathematical tools. In general, the game is a really demanding test for the player’s intellectual abilities, for example, most strategies are based on calculating the probability of possible hands based on the development of the current game.

Blackjack and everyday life

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of today’s article and look at what blackjack can offer players in terms of their everyday lives. Can we even talk about any benefits of playing blackjack intensively?

The answer is trivially simple: of course! As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, blackjack is a game that is an excellent training for the mind, and a sharp intellect is useful in practically every area of life – be it school, work, or even your favorite hobby.  Advanced blackjack players are simply much better at analytical thinking than people with a similar IQ and education who don’t enjoy any mental entertainment. In this case the saying “practice makes perfect” applies perfectly.

Such a skill comes in handy even when getting to know people of the opposite sex – for example, when assessing whether a given acquaintance should be treated as a passing one, or whether on the other side we are dealing with someone who is even an ideal partner for a long-term relationship? In this case the focus should be on developing the acquaintance skilfully, while overlooking irrelevant matters – which is reminiscent of the double option in blackjack, i.e. splitting the hand into two independent hands and leading them both to a win, even at the expense of potentially easier play with the original cards.

Another quality that blackjack can certainly trigger in a person is the constant desire to improve their skills. The game only allows you to reach its full potential once you learn the ins and outs of the game, and the more you delve into it, the more tangible benefits it will bring you. You will then notice the same thing in everyday life – an irresistible urge to improve your skills, which will always bring you benefits, if not now then in the future.


In our opinion, blackjack is an underestimated game, as its potential for training the intellect is unparalleled, and after all, a strong mind means a successful career and private life at the same time – whether you train your intellect in blackjack or in any other way, you will undoubtedly benefit greatly.

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