What Are The Top Programming Apps for Students?

There are millions of Windows, Android, and IOS apps available on the internet today. All of these applications require the expertise of programmers for development purposes.

Programmers are professionals who do the coding of software so that users can execute certain tasks with them. Different applications come with different capabilities due to the different programming and coding.

Having this skill allows individuals to use computer apps more effectively as compared to other users. If a person can do coding, they can use many software tools and technologies as well. This opens up a pool of opportunities for them in the corporate world.

Thanks to technology and the availability of the internet, learning how to program is quite easy. If you are a student you would know that having a good but economical internet plan like Spectrum internet packages is the first thing you need to learn programming from the many online tools.

You can simply enroll in a free course on Coursera or Udemy. For students, learning programming presents many opportunities when they enter their professional lives.

If you are a parent, motivating your children to learn programming might be one of the best things. Learn about the best applications to learn to program for students below.

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CodeSpark Academy

CodeSpark academy is an award-winning application that uses characters to teach the basics of programming to students. The application also comes with many games, puzzles, creative projects, and printables to keep the students engaged.

It is ideal for children between the ages of 4 and 9 years of age. Children can learn new skills upon the completion of different tests on the app that can enhance their programming skills. They can even learn to code themselves in a matter of a few weeks. It is a great starting place for children to learn programming from.


Kodable is only available on iPhone devices. It is a game-based programming application that teaches children the core programming functions. The gameplay is highly interactive, engaging, and addictive. It teaches children if/then statements, loops, and other logical commands.

The application also comes with a teacher mode that empowers parents and teachers to create their own unique curriculums. This means that schools teaching programming can also provide it to their teachers to create a more interactive environment in the class.

Coding Games for Kids

As the name implies, Coding Games for Kids is an application that comes with many small games. The app uses free real-world scenarios to teach programming to kids. Games like Little Fighter teaches children about the logical steps on how to command a fire truck.

At the early stages of programming, the core focus is on the logic building. Such an application empowers students to understand the step-by-step process of coding.

Code Karts

Code Karts also adopts a fun and interactive approach to teach programming to kids for ages 4 and above. Children have to race with each other while finishing different challenges related to programming. Upon reaching the finish lines, they can also unlock new levels and rewards.

The game comes with 10 free levels. However, if you purchase the paid version then you can also get access to 60 additional levels. These levels can greatly help to enhance the programming skills of a child.


Lightbot may seem like a game for children, but it can be quite difficult for even adults. The game keeps on providing challenging levels to teach more complex programming concepts to children. It’s a puzzle-based game that comes with 20 levels.

Children have to place the blocks carefully upon each other following a certain logical pattern. The levels become more fun and engaging as they progress. If you purchase the paid version, then you can get access to 50 more levels.

These apps and games can allow your children to learn programming at a younger age. With programming skills, they can create groundbreaking applications. Make sure to invest in this direction so that your child can thank you for a good upbringing later on.

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