What Happened To Liverpool

Liverpool is currently having a disastrous season. Lots of losses, no chance of becoming a champion, bad team play. Why is this happening?

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Main defenders’ injuries

During the season, Liverpool have 16 injured players who have conceded 117 games in the Premier League.

The main losses are the central defenders. Liverpool entered the season with three: Virgil van Dijk, Gomez, Matip. All three are injured and will miss the rest of the season. Because of this, you have to play either with midfielders in defense (Fabinho, Henderson), or with young and just promising (Phillips, Rhys Williams).

Without the main center-backs, Liverpool’s defense is weakening, as well as the midfield without Fabinho and Henderson. Because of this, the team is getting worse in front: Van Dijk, Gomez and Matip are great at launching attacks and pressing the rivals with a high position.

Previously, Liverpool have scored more often than expected. Now they don’t

Liverpool scored 25 points more than they should on the expected goals (xG) system last season; the year before last – by 14. This is called luck.

It’s different this season, with Liverpool down two points in xG. This makes them just a normal team. The magic, due to which high results were achieved, disappeared. For example, in the last 10 games they created chances for 18 goals, but only scored 10. Firmino has the biggest problems here.

Usual dead-drop in the middle of the season

An abnormal pandemic season, when teams play more often, affects the physical condition of the team. Teams suffer the most. Liverpool is also one of those – in Klopp’s teams, physical condition decides everything. 

Even Allison is not perfect 

For two and a half years at Liverpool, Alisson had one big mistake: in the match against Leicester in the fall of 2018. And recently there were three in two games. With Man City, Alisson gave the ball to the opponents twice – two productive mistakes. With Leicester they did not understand each other with a defender what is partly also Alisson’s mistake.

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