All You Need To Know About Shock Trooper Video game

Hello and welcome to Tech Parle, we share the tech-related guide and game-related articles on this website. Today we will talk about shock trooper, which is a game and used in many other places. So are going to talk about all things about shock trooper.

We all know the shock trooper is a game that is very popular between the 90’s kids. Only 90’s kids can understand that game’s craze, but this game is still popular and launched by well-known companies in new graphics and formats. So let us discuss some excellent points that you should know about this game.

What Type Of Game Is Shock Trooper?

Well, shock trooper is a fighting game but not like a ninja turtle or mortal combat. This game is about to fight with the soldiers of other places with weapons in different types of guns. You have to clear the stages like any other game.

When Was This Game Introduces?

This game was first introduced in 1997 by Saurus M2 (PSN) and DotEmu (PC). The producer of this game is Nobuyuki Tanaka, and the director is Yashusi Yokahara. The programmers of this game are Daiyoshi Sato, Takashi Shishido, Yosuke Takasaki. This game was introduced in the Arcade platform.

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How To Play The Game?

shock trooper

When you start the game, then you have to select the player’s mode. You have two choices for that first is a lonely wolf, and the second is Team wolf.

If you want to play the game alone, you need to choose the lonely wolf option, and if you’re going to play this game with your friends, you have to select the Team wolf. If you want to play in Team wolf mode, then three guys can play the game simultaneously.

You can choose three stages at the beginning of this game Mountain route, Jungle route or Valley rout. You can follow the same path or can change it in the halfway of the game. Each stage has the dragon in the last and the middle of every step like all other famous video games.

How Can A Player Use The Weapons?

Every player in this game has unique power than the other players like one player has a different life and has faster movements. The players also get different types of weapons in the form of guns and bombs that they can use to fight with their enemies.

Players movement is essential in every game to play the game perfectly. The player can move in eight directions and also can use weapons like guns and bombs. You can also throw the bombs as a required range to destroy your enemies.

Story Of The Shock Trooper

shock trooper

Like any other video game, the shock trooper also has the story. According to the game, a bloody scorpions group of terrorists kidnapped a scientist and even the scientist’s granddaughter because of the drug names ALPHA-301.

The speciality of this ALPHA-301 drug is that this drug converts the average human into superhumans. So the group of the terrorist wants to make a team of super soldiers and make the terrorist attacks to the different places in the world.

To rescue the scientist and the granddaughter of that scientist, you have to take charge. To save the world from that terrorist, you have to fight with those terrorists. So this is the simple story of this game and let me tell you that this is an exciting story.

Some Other Shock troopers you should know about.

Imperial Shock Trooper

Imperial shock trooper, also known as the stormtroopers of the galactic empire. They are the best fighters that lead the combat from the front line. They are also known as the security guards of the imperial centre and emperor Palpatine.

Star Wars Shock Trooper

shock trooper

The shock trooper character introduces in many web series and some famous Hollywood movies like Star Wars. In star wars, the shock troopers were the warrior’s Alliance to Restore the Republic and the New Republic. They are the best warriors that fight in the war and lead their team from the front line. These shock troopers are also known as the rebel shock troopers.

Clone Shock Trooper

The clone troopers play an essential role in the war between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. They are also well known as security police for Coruscant, the Republic’s capital world, and served as bodyguards for Republic representatives.

Some of the troopers trained explicitly for riot control and served as urban peacekeepers as their primary duty. After the Galactic Empire replaced the Republic, they came into the category of a new generation of shock troopers, but they were known as the clone shock trooper before that.

Final Words On Shock Troopers

So, guys, this was the guide on shock trooper. We share all the essential facts related to the shock troopers game like who launches this game when this game launched, how to play this game, the story of this game, and other forms of troopers.

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