No. 1 Guide On YouTube Highlighted Comment For Powerful SEO

Hello and welcome to the Tech Parle where knowledge is preferred over entertainment. If you are on social media then it is very important to consider all the facts to grow on the planform. Though there are several services like TurboMedia and some others to make a smart move, people should try to get organic growth. Today we will discuss one of the main reasons you can grow your YouTube channel by doing a smart and straightforward job.

We call this a simple job because you need a YouTube highlighted comment to grow your own YouTube channel.

So in this article, we will tell you how you guys can comment on any high rated or popular YouTuber channel so YouTube highlights your comment and you will benefit from that.

The meaning of service is that you will get a big audience to visit your YouTube channel and subscribe to it if they find it useful.

So guys stay with us, we will tell you everything related to the term YouTube highlighted comment and how you can do it yourself. So without any delay let’s get into the topic guys.

YouTube highlighted comment

What Is A Highlighted Comment On YouTube?

Before we learn how to do YouTube’s highlighted comment, we should know what a highlighted comment on YouTube is.

So let me tell you guys you may see lots of videos of the YouTubers you follow. You noticed a comment that shown at the top and named as the highlighted comment in the comment section.

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The highlighted comment’s uniqueness is that comment stays on top above all the words and that comment noticed by all the viewers and the YouTubers.

You cannot select which comment to be highlighted but highlighted comment chooses by YouTube himself.

What Does Highlighted Comment Mean On YouTube?

YouTube highlighted comment

Now we know that what is YouTube highlighted comment, but what does highlighted comment mean on YouTube, and is it beneficial for us?

If you know the art of doing the highlighted comment and if you are also a YouTuber, you will get, more views and subscribers for your YouTube channel because people love to check the comments after watching the videos because they wanted to know what people think about the video.

When people check the comment section and see the first comment, and if the comment is impressive, they visit the viewer’s profile.

If there are explainer videos on your channel and people find these videos remarkable, it is an excellent chance to get subscribers.

If you are a fan of that YouTuber and want him to notice you and reply to your comment, then your statement must highlight your comment that stays on top. So the YouTuber sees that comment and responds to that.

How To Comment On A YouTube Video That Pinned Highlighted

To make YouTube highlighted comment on any of the popular videos is an art. Because you can get limitless benefits from that YouTube highlighted comment, there are some simple steps that you need to follow to get your highlighted word on YouTube.

Find The Correct Video That Can Give You Benefit From YouTube Highlighted Comment

YouTube highlighted comment

First thing first, you need to find the relevant video that can benefit your YouTube channel. Ok, let’s take an example to understand this.

If you have a YouTube channel that is related to tech knowledge, so you need to find a YouTube channel that is well grown and also a tech knowledge YouTube channel.

If your channel is about jokes and singing, you need a channel related to the trick and singing.

If your channel is about weird and tricky things, you need a channel like Dude Perfect because this channel is about tricks and perfection.

Well, Dude perfect is a well-grown and popular channel all over the world, and when you comment highlighted on any of the videos, you will surely benefit from that.

How To Write The Comment That Will Pinned As A Highlighted Comment?

To comment on the YouTube video to make that comment highlighted, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Please try to read all the comments and then decide what is missing and try to write it in simple words that are easy to read and appreciate the YouTuber’s talent.

2. So you selected the sentence to write in the comment section then please try to shorten the sentence, so that looks good.

3. So you shorten the sentence, but please make sure that there should be no grammatical mistakes because google and YouTube hate grammatical errors.

4. If you check all the points, then please cross-check all the facts again before publishing the comment.

5. After publishing your comment in the video YouTube comment section, your comment will get highlighted if YouTube finds that comment unique and according to the policy of YouTube.

Is YouTube highlighted comment Beneficial?

YouTube highlighted comment

That’s a good question well the answer to this question is yes 100% yes. As we talked before that YouTube highlighted comment always shows at the top of all the comments.

The people who watch the videos also visited the comment section to see what people think about this video and start the conversation.

When people start a conversation, they also follow the profiles or channels, and when they go to the channels, they find your videos there.

If they enjoyed your videos or liked the information you give on your YouTube channel, they will undoubtedly subscribe to your YouTube channel.


So, guys, this is the guide that we shared on YouTube’s highlighted comment, and we also cover up all the other topics related to this term like what is a highlighted comment on YouTube and what does stressed comment means on YouTube. So you guys can understand all terms quickly and correctly.

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