What to Sell on Amazon?

In the Amazon marketplace app, online shoppers can find almost anything. From clothes, electronics, books, to even a new car, shoppers often begin (and end) their digital shopping hunt on Amazon due to the wide selection of products and competitive prices.

Reports show that roughly two-thirds of online shoppers begin looking on Amazon. It’s easy to see why Amazon has become the world’s largest digital marketplace. 

Amazon features an unrivaled selection of items with over 400 million individual products. However, with so many options, it can be challenging to figure out what to sell if you’re new to Amazon or looking to expand your inventory. Let’s face it, you’re most likely selling products on Amazon to make a profit. 

To maximize your potential for profit on your Amazon seller app, you should be selective and strategic with the products you sell. Unless you truly just love selling hats (or whichever product found its way into your heart), you want a plan when it comes to stocking your inventory. 

To help you determine what to sell on Amazon, we’re taking a look at some of the best-selling product categories, characteristics of popular products, and walking you through how to find products to sell on Amazon. We hope this guide will give you some ideas on what to sell and help make your store more profitable than ever. 


What makes a product sell? Countless Amazon sellers have tried to solve this riddle with varying levels of success. Of course, there’s no answer to this riddle, but there are some common characteristics that help products sell. Here are a few common qualities of top selling Amazon products: 

1. Easy to ship

To move more products, it’s useful to offer items that are easy to ship. Unless you’re using the Amazon FBA service, you’ll be responsible for packaging and shipping all your products. This fulfillment process can be much easier (and more profitable) if you’re selling lightweight, small, and easy to ship products. 

2. Year-round appeal

With each season, certain products are always trending. While it might seem smart to cash in on these trends by selling suntan lotion in the summer or gloves in the winter, you should also focus on products with year-round appeal. Suntan lotion might boom in the summer, but your sales may completely dry up in the colder months. 

3. Moderate pricing

Amazon is renowned for their low, competitive pricing on countless products. If you’re going to compete in this marketplace, you need to be aware of product prices and how this will affect your sales. If your products are priced too low, you might even end up losing money due to Amazon seller fees

4. Availability

This might seem like common sense, but you won’t be selling too many products if they aren’t available. There’s no easier way for your store to drop in visibility than having an empty inventory. If you make your own products, this one is easy to control, but if you work with outside manufacturers, you’ll want to keep track of product availability. 


While Amazon sells almost anything, there are certain product categories that tend to sell better and earn seller’s a higher profit. Here are just a few of the most profitable item categories on Amazon. 


Believe it or not, but the book market is still booming. While there are more ways than ever to find entertainment now, many still turn to a good old-fashioned paperback book for enjoyment. In 2019, over 689 million print books were sold in the United States.

In addition to this healthy market, books are also a profitable category because they can be purchased for close to nothing. Many Amazon sellers pick up used books for a low cost and then turn a quick profit online. 


Do you want to sell products that will always have a high demand? If so, consider adding baby and children items to your Amazon inventory. With an estimated population of 8.5 billion by 2030, the need for baby items isn’t going anywhere.

Consider selling baby clothes, toys, or other care items, such as cribs or car seats. There’s also a high demand for baby and children clothes because they grow out of them so quickly. 


Jewelry has consistently been one of the top selling product categories on Amazon. This product category has so many options that there always seems to be room for new, unique items.

Many people even find success crafting their own jewelry and selling it on Amazon—this way, you’ll ensure you’ve got a product your competitors can’t replicate.


This category should come as no surprise. Electronics sell very well on Amazon, but pricing is critical to compete here. Many sellers import electronics internationally to mark down their prices and make it hard to compete. Consider offering high-quality electronics for success in this category.


Like books, this traditional product category isn’t going anywhere. Even with the rise of popular electronic toys and devices, many classic toys and games continue to sell well on Amazon. Classic and strategic board games are particular hot-selling products, especially as people spend more time at home. 


How do you find profitable items to sell on Amazon? There are, of course, a few different approaches you can take. Many individuals use Amazon seller apps, which help them track prices, manage inventory, and analyze their store data. 

You can also perform keyword research and analyze your competitors to see what’s selling and compare prices. Another method is to track Amazon reviews to see what people are missing out on—this is a great method for identifying gaps in existing product lines so you can fulfill these needs. 


Not only do two-thirds of online shoppers begin their searches on Amazon, but most are able to end there, as well, due to the massive amount and diversity of products. In fact, you can now even buy real estate on Amazon. Why would you ever shop anywhere else? 

However, to make a profit in the crowded Amazon marketplace, you need a strategy for your pricing, listings, images—and of course, your products.

Choosing the right products, based on the product category and the product’s characteristics, can help you gain an advantage and make even more profits with your Amazon store. You can also check out many Amazon seller apps such as SellerMobile.

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