What Type Of UPS System To Choose From For Work From Home Employees

Due to the changes in today’s landscape, more people were forced to work at home. They need to set up a home office to allow them to finish their tasks properly. But since they do not have the same perks as the office setting, they are at risk of common interruptions like power supply shortage or unexpected power loss. It is why they need to invest in UPS power systems to avoid work delays. 

Since there are plenty of UPS power systems available in stores today, finding the right one can be overwhelming. Here are several tips for selecting the right uninterruptible power supply for your work from home needs. 

What Are The UPS Power Systems? 

The UPS system, also known as the UPS battery backup, is a device used to protect the connected equipment from power problems and offers battery backup function when electrical outages take place. 

Some available UPS systems can also help regulate and secure the attached equipment like desktops, laptops, and modems from inconsistent voltages. All the UPS systems that you can find in stores nowadays come in two important functions, including providing battery backup and protecting from line noise interference. 

What Are The Types Of UPS Power Systems? 

You can choose from three major types of UPS power systems in stores. These include: 

Standby UPS

Usually called “offline UPS” or “Standby Power Supply,” this type of UPS system is the simplest and most inexpensive type of UPS. It is usually the kind of UPS that will provide power directly from the wall towards the computer’s power supply during a power outage. 

When the power goes out, the Standby UPS automatically turns its internal battery on to provide power to the attached device. However, it must first detect the wall’s lack of power before turning on battery power. It means that a short period called “switch time” will occur and can result in the loss of important but unsaved data.

 Online UPS 

Also known as the “True UPS” or a “Double Conversion UPS,” this type of UPS power system gets its power from the wall that regularly recharges the battery. It works like a regular laptop while it is plugged in. Once the power goes out, it will continue running until the battery juices get exhausted. 

Unlike the Standby UPS, Online UPS has no switch time every time you lose power. It also provides another level of protection from any types of surges or voltage drops from the wall power. It means your computer systems will have lower risks of getting damaged due to power surges. 

Line Interactive 

The Line Interactive UPS is very different from the Standby or Online UPS systems. It receives its power from the wall flows towards the Inverter/Converter in the UPS. Once inside the unit, the power will be divided in both the AC and the DC. 

The DC will charge the UPS device’s battery while the AC flows to the computer’s power supply. Once the power is lost to the wall, the computer will receive all its power from the UPS’s built-in battery. While the Line Interactive UPS still encounters switch time, it still acts faster than the Standby UPS type.   

Investing in a UPS power system can be beneficial for all work from home employees. If you usually encounter power surges or plan to transfer your work in a place where power interruption usually happens, then you must get a reliable UPS system to help you finish all your tasks on time. 

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