What You Need To Know About IBM Audits

The Internet revolution has indeed changed the world. But for us to see this day, several companies have played a pivotal role in network development. IBM is a huge company that owns many proprietary networking techs. 

In recent times, there have been what we know as “IBM Audits” that ask a business to show the number of IBM installations in a business’s network. 

If any IBM tech is used without paying, the company will have to pay substantial amounts. There are many more details for you to know, so keep reading this article!

Some Basics

IBM has the policy of telling its partner companies that they can run an Audit about their software tech whenever they want. But most of the companies think that it’s out of the blue.

IBM also has the authority to run the Audit even if you have previously proven that nothing in the system goes against the IBM contract – that too every year.

When called for an IBM audit, the best line of defense of a business is to ensure that they make their points clear from the beginning and put the best defense against any IBM claims. 

IBM Contracts

IPLA, PAA, and ELA are some of the common license agreements of IBM. If your enterprise has been contracted with IBM under these agreements, you may have been allowed to use these proprietary tools.

However, as per the IBM terms, you have to check for updates for any of these tools you are using in your enterprise framework. Failing to update the tools may result in IBM inviting you for an audit and may force you to get the “reinstate support” for your firm. 

How IBM Audit Works

IBM has teamed up with big audit companies that facilitate them to run audits of different businesses. Most of the time, a representative of IBM runs tests at the site of the company.

These tests become costly for both IBM and the company in question, so both companies want to reach an agreement as quickly as they can. The usual routine of IBM is to send a letter to a company they want to audit.

If they do send a letter to a company, which is not an everyday thing as IBM ensures that their tech is used with prior permission, the recipient must act to respond to the queries from IBM. 

Where To Get Help

IBM has a long history of winning its Audit Claims, thanks to its trained representatives and well-planned strategy. Therefore, if you let your In-House attorneys handle the Audit, the chances are that they will not win the Audit in your favor.

You have to ensure that you win the case for your firm, so you don’t end up paying a HUGE amount to IBM.

The best option for IBM Audit Defense is to hire a practice group representing companies like you in IBM Audits in the past. Some 3rd-party companies can help businesses win the IBM Audits/ IBM software disputes cases most quickly.

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