SEO Versus PPC: Which Digital Marketing Strategy Should You Pursue?

If you are someone that has been caught up in this debate, you are not alone. Every year, thousands of marketers, CMOs, CEOs, and Digital Marketing Managers struggle with this very debate. 

They work and invest heavily in both their PPC and SEO efforts. Pursuing two strategies can help a brand boost its online performance. However, the real question is- which of the two digital marketing strategies delivers better results for a brand?

If you are a marketer or a brand owner, looking for a definite answer to the question, congratulations, you have landed on the right article. 

Search Engine Optimization: What you need to know

As a digital marketing strategy, SEO has been around for ages. The main reason for the same is because it has delivered high ROIs in terms of strategy. SEO strategies like Guest Posting, Link Building, Profile Linking, and Social Media SEO has been able to help brands- 

  • Improve visibility and awareness on search engines
  • Build credibility and trustworthiness for brand websites
  • Create target audience reach and boost sales and revenues
  • Contribute to establishing the brand as an authority in the niche

One of the major reasons brands prefer SEO to PPC strategies is because it allows for positive branding. It should also be pointed out that in recent months, people have become more and more conscious about being fed intrusive ads. 

Given how Google and other search engines are moving towards organic and natural results, SEO is emerging as a preferred digital marketing strategy for brands. The benefits of SEO get compounded over the years. 

Pay Per Click Advertising: Should you pursue this as a strategy?

Many feel that digital marketing is a field of expertise that is all about getting instant results. That is true to an extent. This is why PPC advertising strategies on search engines (AdWords) and social media have become the go-to strategies for brands looking at instant success.

According to leading experts, PPC strategies work best in short bursts. For example, if there is a holiday season approaching and the brand is looking to promote sales, it can depend on PPC advertising strategies to help achieve sales targets. 

Many brands make the mistake of running PPC campaigns throughout the year. This helps in contributing to poor brand experiences. As we have already pointed out, the digital audience has become much more conscious when it comes to dealing with ads and the ecosystem. 

PPC campaigns are dependent on the use of cookies and data usages that are often drawing a very fine line between what is permissible and what conflicts with the GPDR regulations. PPC is dependent on the accurate usage of data in both targetings, keyword research, and a host of other areas. 

The following are some of the demerits of pursuing a PPC strategy- 

  1. The CPCs or Cost-Per-Acquisition has been slowly rising over the years. This means that PPC as a form of strategy is becoming expensive, especially for smaller brands.
  2. Online viewers do not take too well to PPC ads. Online banners, intrusive text pop-ups, etc. spoil the user experience. This is why many are moving away from PPC ads.
  3. As soon as your ad budgets get exhausted, your website and its links stop showing on the top of the results. This means that traffic comes to an abrupt stop.
  4. In terms of CTRs (Click-Through-Rates), PPC falls drastically behind SEO and organic listings. This means that SEO delivers a better ROI than PPC advertising.

Should SEO and PPC be Pursued as a Synergy?

One of the best ways to create a balanced digital marketing strategy is to pursue both SEO and PPC in perfect symmetry. This is because experts suggest that the more internet real estate you occupy for your brand, the better it will be for your online performance. 

Many studies and researches have shown that PPC strategies can help give a boost to SEO efforts as well. This means that rather than start thinking about them as being mutually exclusive, attempts need to be made to pursue them holistically. 

A good digital marketing strategy should carry on with SEO right through the year. Building the base for organic traffic needs to be done right through the year. If you are not doing the same, your competitors will be doing it. 

PPC activities can be done in small intervals when a brand requires an additional boost. Black Fridays, Halloweens, Stock Clearance, New Launches, etc. should be pushed through PPC activities and advertising. 

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have tried to look at two major digital marketing strategies- SEO and PPC. We have listed down which strategies should be pursued at which timelines. If you have any more questions, you would like us to address on either PPC or SEO, do let us know in the comments below. We will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction. 

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