Why DuckDuckGo Is Bad Search Engine?

In this article let us understand why DuckDuckGo is bad, we will discuss all important points that will prove that DuckDuckgo has some disadvantages.

People are using google search engines to search their queries and it’s true that they are getting perfect results.

But do you know that there are several other search engines other than google and they are widely used? DuckDuckgo is one of them.

DuckDuckgo is used widely in the world and the main purpose of using this search engine is security and protecting privacy.

But as we all know that there are several advantages and disadvantages as well of using any product or service.

So if you are using DuckDuckgo there are advantages and disadvantages of using it.

Why DuckDuckGo Is Bad

  • Lack of services
  • You cannot sync many accounts
  • No autosuggestions
  • No protection from viruses
  • Deal with the third party for Ad facilities

Let us discuss these points and understand why these points can make you trouble using DuckDuckgo.

Lack of services

As we already know that DuckDuckgo is a search engine that is used to secure your privacy and protect your data to be shared on the internet. So your personal data cannot be used or seen by others.

For security reasons, DuckDuckgo uses very less services that are widely used by the search engines like google. Those services can be useful for you according to your work but are blocked by DuckDuckgo to secure your private data.

So that can be a reason why DuckDuckgo is bad for you and if you need that service then you need to shift to another search engine.

You cannot sync many accounts

The main security on the internet is to block unnecessary accounts that can be dangerous. SO DuckDuckgo doesn’t allow to sync of many accounts as well as many services in it.

Some service providers like SEO need several accounts to provide their services better. So they cannot work efficiently on DuckDuckgo.

No autosuggestions

As we have already discussed that DuckDuckgo doesn’t collect your personal data like your interest and other things like the google search engine.

Google search engine collects your data and sends you autosuggestions of products that you are searching for you.

This function is missing in the DuckDuckgo search engine so that’s why DuckDuckgo is bad for the person who needs attention from the internet.

No protection from viruses

I really don’t know how will you react to this point but yes after giving you all the privacy protection, the DuckDuckgo search engine cannot secure you from viruses.

You need a strong anti-virus to protect you from the harm from the viruses present on the internet.

Deal with the third party for Ad facilities

Well, this is an important point you need to know, DuckDuckgo uses Microsoft ad service to show the ads on the content.

So if you are using DuckDuckgo then your data is collected by Microsoft because of their Ad facilities on the content they provide.

DuckDuckgo already said that they will find a new way to get rid of this issue and they also claimed that Microsoft is not collecting your private data.

But still, DuckDuckgo is the best search engine or browser that protects your privacy and data from theft on the internet.

Frequently asked questions

Can we use DuckDuckgo on Android, and IOS mobiles?

Yes, you can use the DuckDuckgo search engine on android, and ios mobile.

Is DuckDuckgo is secured search engine?

Yes, DuckDuckgo is the most secure search engine present on the internet right now.

Are autosuggestions not allowed in DuckDuckgo?

Yes, no autosuggestions facilities on the DuckDuckgo search engine because they don’t collect your personal data.
That’s why DuckDuckgo is bad search engine for product-loving people.

How much traffic is there on DuckDuckgo?

DuckDuckgo has 70 to 100 million monthly users and searches query 100 million searches in a day roughly.

Which is the third-party Ad network on DuckDuckgo?

Microsoft provides the Ad facility to the DuckDuckgo search engine.


We have discussed all the points that proved why DuckDuckgo is bad.

So if you are looking for a search engine that can protect your data from internet to get theft or shared with other sources you can definitely use DuckDuckgo.

It is the best to search engine that can protect your private data but you need to sacrifice in terms of facility and services that are provided by the search engines like google, bing, etc.

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