Why it is Very Much Important for the Students to Have a Good Command of the Unitary Method?

In very simple terms the unitary method has been perfectly utilised in terms of finding out the value of a single unit from a given multiple. For example, the price of 40 notebooks is Rs.400 then the individuals need to find out the price per notebook so it can be very easily done with the utilisation of the unitary method

. Hence, to find out the value of a single unit that students normally have to utilise the unitary method and this is a very important concept which is utilised in the world of mathematics.

 The unitary method is a method in which the individuals will be finding out the value of a particular unit and then the value required number of units can be found by multiplication very easily. Suppose any student goes to the market to purchase five mangoes and the shopkeeper is selling 10 mangoes for a hundred.

So, in this particular case, the student has to indulge in the right kind of calculation so that he or she has not been befooled by the shopkeeper and they have proper access to the recognition of units as well as values. Hence, for simplification of real-life situations, it is very much important to have a good command of the unitary method.

There are two types of unitary method and both of them are explained as follows:

  • The direct variation: In this particular case the increase or decrease of one quantity will also cause an increase or decrease into another one for example increase in the number of goods will help in increasing the prices. Hence, the amount of work done by a single man will be less than the amount of work done by a group of men. So, this will be the case of direct variation.
  • The indirect variation: This will be the inverse of direct variation and in this particular case if the individuals will be decreasing or increasing the quantity then the other quantity will react oppositely. For example, if the speed of the car has been increased then the distance will be covered in less time. So, this particular case will be of indirect variation.

There are several kinds of applications of the unitary method and the most common and practical examples based on the application of military methods are explained as follows:

  • The unitary method can be perfectly utilised in terms of evaluating the price of a product
  • The unitary method can be perfectly utilised in terms of finding out the time taken by a particular vehicle or a person to cover some of the distances in an hour
  • The unitary method can be utilised in the business world to determine the profit or loss in the whole scenario.

 To find out the hundred per cent of a particular amount the individuals can also depend upon utilisation of the unitary method because it will help in fulfilling different kinds of purposes very easily.

Hence, depending upon the unitary method is a very good idea on the behalf of students because this will not only help in fetching good marks but will also be very much useful in the day to day life transactions.

Apart from this, it is very much important for the students to move with proper planning throughout the process so that they practice the questions very well and can have good command of the subject of mathematics.

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