Yakuza 0 Pocket Circuit Builds: A Guide To The Best Pocket Circuit

Yakuza requires you to win every race in order to be crowned the yakuza 0 pocket circuit fighter race of the world.

Here’s the ideal construction to 0 pocket circuit guide to utilize for each of the scenarios.

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What Is A Yakuza 0 Pocket Circuit?

This pocket circuit is one of the most popular minigames in the Yakuza series, having originally appeared in Yakuza.

It is also one of the most difficult minigames to master. In addition to providing a pleasant little diversion from the main narrative, it allows players to construct unique mini-kit vehicles that they can then race over different courses.

To be the first to cross the finish line in each race, you’ll need to use a different configuration for each one since the tracks are all different.

Recent Launches Of Yakuza 0 Pocket Circuit Fighter

With the release of Yakuza has finally launched its famous game on the PC platform after years of development.

It is an action-adventure game with a complex narrative in which players take on the roles of iconic Yakuza Kiryu and series regular Majima, who are battling in the shadowy underworlds of Osaka and Tokyo respectively.

Players will be able to accomplish objectives in this pocket circuit by using a variety of combat techniques, weapons, and other things that will be available.

However, there are certain missions that can only be completed with careful preparation, and Pocket Racers is one such one.

Yakuza 0 Pocket Circuit Guide

yakuza 0 pocket circuit

Circuit Racing, for example, is a challenging mini-game that allows you to enjoy the racing as well as the other difficulties that come with it.

It is a mini-game that consists of the construction and outfitting of remote-controlled vehicles, with your primary objective being to compete against other players and win the race.

The Start Of The Story

First and foremost, you must speak with the woman who will be yelling about this Circuit Racing event that will be taking place on the streets of the video game.

In exchange for your participation in the Yakuza Circuit Race, she will ask one question. Afterward, you’ll need to enter and make your way through the building into the Stadium.

Inside the stadium, you will be greeted by a representative who will go over every aspect of Yakuza Pocket Circuit Racing with you. Have another conversation with this individual in order to kickstart the substory.

The Golem Tiger (the car) will be handed over to you together with its slick tires, power moto, Balanced Frame, Regular Gears, and Regular Battery, as well as a Red Blaze sticker, so you can get started with the race right away.

Follow the substory to its conclusion, and you will begin to develop a relationship with the Yakuza 0 Pocket Circuit Fighter as a result of your efforts.

Friendship In Yakuza 0: Pocket Circuit

In order to raise your friendship meter for this pocket circuit, you must take part in the races.

It is not mandatory to win, but it is important to remember that you must win. After completing three races, a child will approach the Fighter, mocking him. The Fighter must fight off the children.

The PC fighter for the yakuza circuit will flee after finishing six races on the computer.

The children will approach you and inform you that they need his return; you will then need to return to Nakamichi Street and inquire about him.

In Nakamichi, you’ll be able to find him outside of the SEGA HI-TECH LAND complex. He is going to be uncomfortable.

It is your duty to console him in the manner that you choose to do so. Then, return to the Yakuza 0 Pocket Circuit Stadium to raise the bar on the friendship meter one more time.

You will notice him be a little downhearted throughout one of the races, which will be away from filling up the friendship meter.

You must finish this race and then take him outside so that you may speak with him alone. The protagonist will inform you in this part of the tale that he needs financial assistance from his parents.

And he is unsure if he should continue working there or leave. Two children will approach you and overhear this discussion, which causes the Fighter to get embarrassed and flee. When you get to Public Park 3, the kids will beg you to look for the Fighter.

He informs you that he has made the choice to relocate in order to assist his parents and that at that point, the children will come and request that the Fighter remain.

He eventually agrees and will award you with Devil Killer as a result of your efforts. Continue on your journey until you reach the Stadium in order to achieve the maximum level of friendship meter shown on the game screen.

Yakuza 0 Pocket Circuit — Overview Of The Gameplay

yakuza 0 pocket circuit

You will compete against a large number of other players in the Circuit, as well as the Pocket Circuit Cars, on a racing track in the lane that they are following.

After completing eight or more of the game’s designated laps, being in the lead or in the first place to cross the finish line is a requirement for victory in the race.

While racing on the track, you have the option of giving your vehicle a boost using the boost button.

As a consequence, it will dramatically boost the yakuza circuit car’s speed for a few seconds, but it will also increase the likelihood of your car flying off the track, and this will only last for a short period of time.

If your vehicle is on the verge of flying off the road, it will either turn over or begin to slow down.

As soon as the car is in the right position, you should use your gaming controller or the system’s keyboard to rapidly tap on the symbol that corresponds to the one shown on the game screen in exactly the correct sequence to fix the vehicle.

It is possible to customize your Cars and different components, such as gears and tires, according to your preferences.

Additionally, there is a potential option accessible to personalize your automobile by altering the color of its body, followed by the color of the vehicle’s tires.

You may also choose to take a test drive in your vehicle at any point throughout the course of the game if you so want while playing.

Most Effective Yakuza 0 Pocket Circuit Races

Here are the best car builds for every circuit, sourced from the Yakuza 0 pocket circuit community at large:

Intro Race

Soft Tires

Balanced Frame

High Torque

Motor 2.0 Gears on a Regular Basis

A battery that is used on a regular basis

Little Racer’s Cup

Golem Tiger

Low Profile Tires Plus

Balanced Frame Plus

High Torque Motor 2.0

Regular Gears

Regular Battery

Rookies’ Race

Champions’ Race

Low Profile Tires

Super Metal Frame

High Torque Motor 2.0

Godspeed Gears Plus

Regular Battery

Medium Suspension

Bumper Plate

King of Speed Cup

Cool Striker

Ultra Slim Tires

Ultra Rocket frame

Godspeed Motor (Mark II works too)

Super Boost Gears

High-Speed Battery Light Suspension Versus Harumi

Drag-On Ultra Spiked Tires

Ultra Rocket Frame

Godspeed Motor

Extra Balanced Gears

High Capacity Battery Side Stabilizer

Though there is a complete list of circuit parts and thus we advise you to get practical exposure by getting involved.

Where To Find Gold Keys In Yakuza

yakuza 0 pocket circuit

With Dragon Quest on your mind, like Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s Ichiban Kasuga, you may make connections between video games and real-life situations for yakuza 0 pocket circuit builds.

Since chests are a mainstay of role-playing games, the closest real-life counterpart would probably be safes; however, unlike RPG chests, safes are usually secured when not in use.

These safes and their contents cannot be accessed without the use of gold keys, which may be obtained by purchasing them. Following are the locations where you may get Gold Keys in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, for example.

How To Run Your Business In The Circuit Builds

Interested in learning how to Manage Your Business in Yakuza: Dragonslayer like a Dragon? In real life, running a company for a yakuza may be a taxing and time-consuming endeavor that leaves little time or energy for anything else in one’s life.

Since Ichiban Kasuga of Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a video game character, it’s fortunate for him that running a company isn’t a very time-consuming endeavor.

All you need are the proper individuals on your team for yakuza circuit builds, as well as a little persistence. Some pointers for propelling Ichiban Confections to the top of the Yokohama business community are provided below.

  • Invest in Long-Term Value

Some workers are unquestionably more important than others, so make sure you invest in their development and promote them when they reach the maximum level.

Omelette, for example, has one of the greatest basic notability ratings in the game, and you should cultivate it to the maximum extent possible.

These specialist workers will prove to be invaluable if you need to shift your focus from running a successful company to running a more profitable firm.

  • Keeping the Books in Order

Even if your workers are not actively engaged in the operation of the company, you are still required to pay their salaries, which results in a significant reduction during business hours.

You must save money everywhere you can in order to cover your other regular expenditures. If you recruit someone who has better statistics than one of your existing employees, you may dismiss the person who had the worst statistics.

  • Make your case for it.

The Shareholder Meetings are the events that will determine whether or not your business will be successful. Even if your net worth and sales are in shambles, it is still possible to completely wipe out your investors’ investments.

Pack four workers with high charisma stats (and make sure your whole staff stable is happy! ), then prioritize their color depending on the colors of the investors and the level of anger they are experiencing.

Challenges In Yakuza 0 Pocket Circuit

yakuza 0 pocket circuit

The real difficulty in Pocket Circuit is putting together the right vehicle from the ground up. Putting together a vehicle that drives like a champion is a major undertaking that requires numerous components that take up a whole wing of your inventory.

The vast majority of these components may be bought at the Stadium’s on-site store. You’ll start with a basic kit, and as you go through the races, more options will become accessible to you.

After finishing the first, third, fourth, sixth, and final races, you’ll be able to purchase additional components to upgrade your vehicle.

Because these components will grow more and more costly with each drop, it’s best to hold off on purchasing them until you’ve completed Real Estate Royale.

This will allow you to acquire the most expensive parts and clear up their inventory.


However, we would like to emphasize that this is just a list of the yakuza 0 pocket circuit builds that we, as well as a large portion of the game’s community, believe are the finest to employ.

As well as this, circuit races can throw a lot of unpredictable variables your way, and you might be utilizing one of these builds when something happens to knock your vehicle off the track.

These will not always ensure a victory, so be prepared for that possibility.

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