Fix YouTube you’re Offline Check Your Connection Error

YouTube is a widely accepted video streaming platform and is a host of millions of videos of all genres. But the youtube you’re offline check your connection, glitches, and occasional bugs are pretty common.

It is one of the major issues that multiple YouTube users have noticed and complained about.

The worst part is YouTube might show this error unpredictability and notify users that they are offline.

Some of the users have faced this issue even though they are connected with Wi-Fi or mobile data. “You are offline, check your internet connection” is a bug that global users have experienced.

In case you are dealing with the same issue then you have visited the right place. In this piece of writing, we are going to serve some problem-solving methods.

With this, you can eliminate the possibility of dealing with this issue on different devices and windows 10.

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The YouTube “you’re offline check your connection” error: why does it occur?

The main reason why you are dealing with this error is that you might actually be offline. When you are watching YouTube videos and you have an unstable internet connection then you might face this issue.

Like multiple other applications, YouTube needs a robust internet connection to ensure enhanced functionality.

This is why you should read this piece of writing till the end to fix this issue. Here we are going to mention some ways that allow you to quick diagnosis and resolve you’re offline check your connection to youtube. 

If this message pops up then you might not be able to watch the desired video.

Initially, you should check the internet connection and ensure that there’s no issue with your router. Another reason that you are facing this error is the depletion of mobile data instead of using Wi-Fi.

 There can be additional reasons that you might notice this error and that can be due to the presence of adblockers. These blockers are also capable of blocking internet connections which leads to such consequences.

youtube you're offline check your connection

Vital aspects to know how to fix “youtube you offline check your connection”

Before anything else, you must ensure certain aspects and act accordingly. The following aspects help you gain information regarding performing diagnosis.

Check your router: – 

Let’s unravel the ways to ensure that you have a strong internet connection and it is working at an exquisite level. Initially, you need to take a closer look at your router.

With this, you can get to know that it is just a bug or there’s an issue with your router.

On top of that, if you use mobile data or other forms of internet connection then ways of diagnosis will be different.

Users can also troubleshoot their router and make sure it is working fine to eliminate further consequences.

LED on a router: – 

The first thing we should do is check out the LED present on your router. If it is flashing red light then it isn’t functioning accurately.

In this situation, you might need to reset the router or re-plug it. If these steps aren’t working then call the officials regarding further assistance.

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Examine IP address: – 

It is important to check your computer’s IP address by using a network analyzer like NU. It will help users to identify the accurate IP address of their computer along with bandwidth usage.

By getting such information you can conclude if your PC is receiving signals from your router or not.

Restart router: 

We all know that restarting the router is one of the easiest and simple steps. Still, multiple people are unaware of how to get it done.

So here we are with the simple steps that are listed below: –

  • First, you must turn off your modem or the power outlet. Now, wait for a couple of minutes before turning it back on.
  • After that, ensure that every panel light changes to green. It is a sign that the modem is getting signals and able to provide internet at sufficient speed (speed may vary according to chosen plans).
  • Once you are connected to the internet then open YouTube and notice if the error is fixed or not. But if you are still noticing YouTube you’re offline check your connection then move forward to other ways.

Use a hotspot: 

  • Other ways of fixing youtube you’re offline check your connection windows 10 error to try using a hotspot instead of a Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Connect the hotspot to your PC and look whether it works for you or not.
  • But in case you have two different laptops or PC then you are free to create a different hotspot. So, you can easily share it and watch it on YouTube.
  • Therefore, if you don’t have any other laptops then feel free to use iPhone or Android to create a hotspot. After that, you must connect it to your PC and enjoy watching YouTube without any hassle.
youtube you're offline check your connection

How to fix YouTube’s offline error on Mac, iPad, or iPhone?


If you are unable to play YouTube videos on your MacBook then it is a result of youtube you’re offline check your connection mac error. Here you can consider the listed ways to fix it.

Solution 1: fix the network connection

There are certain situations where YouTube doesn’t load on your MacBook. When this issue pops up then you should go to check whether you have a robust internet connection or not.

If you have an unstable internet connection or slow internet then YouTube user isn’t able to play high-quality video.

If you are sure that there is no issue regarding the internet then try to modify the video quality to lower and continue watching without any hassle.

Solution 2: disable plugins

Multiple users aren’t aware that plugins in your web browser might conflict with YouTube players.

It can cause troubles that your Mac isn’t able to play videos. So you can easily disable plugins and look whether the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 3: consider repairing disk permissions 

Take safari for an example if your safari version isn’t updated then there are the least possibilities YouTube will work on Mac. So to correct it and fix the issue read out the following details:

  • Check out “Go” and select “Utilities”
  • Double-click on the “Disk Utility”
  • After that select the target drive from the left pane.
  • Press “first aid”
  • Click the “repair disk permissions”

The listed steps can help you to get easier ways of resolving the issue and repairing disk permissions.

Solution 4: update safari 

If the safari version of your Mac isn’t updated then you might face trouble playing videos on YouTube.

The users can easily update safari and then access YouTube to watch the desired video. The easier and more direct way to update safari is to easily uninstall and install it from the Mac App store.

Solution 5: enable JavaScript in Safari 

Some users have figured out a different way of resolving this issue. Before that, you must know why this issue is occurring.

Well “youtube you’re offline check your connection” is an error that can occur by preventing running JavaScript in safari. In this situation you can try out the listed method:

  • Go to settings then press “show advanced settings” and now move forward to the privacy section and content settings.
  • After that allow sites to run the JavaScript in the JavaScript section.
  • Press “OK” to save settings.

Once you are done with these steps then refresh safari and notice whether you can run YouTube videos successfully.

On top of that, there are certain tips that you can try to resolve this error that causes difficulties while running YT on Mac.

  • Eliminate caches, history, cookies, and temp. Files on Mac.
  • Look for a different web browser like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Prefer using a wired network connection.

With this, you can resolve the “youtube you’re offline check your connection” on Mac. However, if you own different devices then methods of resolving such issues will be different.

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iPhone and iPad: 

Are you dealing with difficulties using YouTube on your iPhone? If so then we are here with the simpler solution.

In this section, we will guide you to troubleshoot the “youtube you’re offline check your connection” error in an iPhone and iPad.

Solution 1: ensure the device is connected to the internet

The user should check whether their device is connected to the internet or not. If your device’s internet connection isn’t working then you might deal with no service issue.

The listed ways can help you to fix the internet connection issue in your iPhone or iPad.

  • Look for the control center
  • Disable the airplane mode
  • Avoid getting connected to 2.4 GHz instead of that look for a 5 GHz WI-Fi connection.
  • Check out internet speed by using applications like Speedtest.

Solution 2: ensure cellular data is “ON”

The listed step can help you ensure that cellular data is switched on to access YouTube:

  • Open iPhone settings and press cellular
  • Now scroll downwards and ensure that the toggle next to YouTube is “green”

Solution 3: turn off VPN

According to some iOS users, they have resolved the issue by turning off their iPhone’s VPN. We all know that VPN is an amazing way to protect your real identity online.

But it can cause issues regarding obtaining benefits from internet connectivity.

There is also the possibility that VPN can make your appearance in a different region. But it restricts YouTube so you should turn off VPN by considering the listed steps:

  • Press “VPN” on your device
  • Turn off the VPN status

The status of the VPN will signify that it is turned off which ensures a smoother way of resolving the “youtube you’re offline check your connection” error.

Solution 4: disable/enable airplane mode

Experts suggest users put their iPhones into airplane mode. With this, the device will get disconnected from radio connections like cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Such methods can help you to resolve the network errors that result in smoother functioning of YouTube.

Taping on the plane icon that is present in the iOS control center will help you to experience ease of disconnecting and connecting the radio networks. You can get this done by considering the listed steps:

  • Open settings
  • Switch on “airplane mode”
  • Press the same switch within 15 seconds

Solution 5: reinstall and uninstall YouTube

If the listed methods didn’t work then you can uninstall and reinstall YouTube whenever you face this issue. It can help you to fix the error without considering any alternative ways.

Users need to know that uninstalling isn’t going to delete their accounts. If you reinstall it then you can sign in again and enjoy perks related to your algorithm.

Solution 6: force close-open application 

Here comes a simple trick that can fix the “youtube you’re offline check your connection” issue within your iPad and iPhone. The forthcoming steps can help you to resolve it:

  • Users need to close an app by pressing the home button a couple of times. Now you will notice the app switcher that is displayed and you can easily select the applications that are currently in use.
  • Now you need to swipe the YouTube application upwards and close it.

Method 7: clear cache and data

Users need to clear the cache and data of YouTube for their convenience. When it comes to former usage then temporary data is deleted.

The application data includes numerous settings that make things easier for you. The following steps can help you to easily clear cache and data without any hassle.

  • Open settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • After that tap on the applications and then select YouTube
  • Select storage and look for clear data and cache
  • Now you need to clear the cache
  • Open YouTube and notice if it is working now or not.
  • Go back and remove/clear the data as well.
  • Now check that again
youtube you're offline check your connection

Alternative ways to fix youtube you’re offline check your connection

The adblockers: 

There are different types of online streaming platforms are present e.g. Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon prime.

But the users need to know that the adblockers can enable them to see the worst-case scenario. It can also bypass the ads which can be annoying.

It shows that in some cases the website or application might refuse to load on your browser. This is why disabling the adblocker is one of the most important aspects that matters the most.

Update browser: 

People often forget to update their browsers and it can restrict them from using YouTube. It results in the occurrence of the “youtube you’re offline check your connection” error.

So, you need to update your browser and application to the latest version and notice if it resolves the issue or not.

You can update the browsers from Play Store or I Store where you can find the latest version for free.

Try DNS: 

There are different types of free-of-cost DNS service providers are available. With this, the users can get an effortless way of fixing the issue whereas you can use Google’s DNS for better results. You can try it by considering the listed steps:

  • Users need to press the windows key along with 1 to open the windows setting.
  • Now you need to press the network and internet option.
  • Look for the “change adaptor options”.
  • Right-click to activate the Wi-Fi or LAN and then press properties.
  • Look for the internet protocol version 4 that is present in the list and press it.
  • After that press on the properties
  • Now you should look for using the DNS server addresses radio button.

With this, you can get a more effortless way of resolving the errors that you are facing. However, before anything else make sure that you have a robust internet connection to get the admired results.

Check date/time and region: 

Most of us are unaware of the fact that having the wrong date/time or region is the main reason behind the occurrence of this error.

So, if you are connected to the internet and willing to resolve this error then the following steps can help you out.

  • Press the Windows key + I as it will open the settings
  • Look for date and time settings and then press on the option that pops up.
  • You will get numerous options in the dropdown menu.
  • You need to make sure that these settings are in sync with accurate time, date, and region.
  • It will be beneficial to opt for the automatic slider settings.


In this piece of writing, we’ve given adequate information regarding resolving the “youtube you’re offline check your connection” error.

From the information listed above you can find out different ways to fix this error on different devices.

On top of that, you can eliminate the possibility of dealing with such problematic situations in the future. It is a free-of-cost solution that is chaos free and you should try them once.

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